What’s the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Hair Dryers?

Have you ever felt that your hair dryer is entirely different than the one you use at a salon? Probably it is because you aren’t too picky while purchasing a hairdryer and because you’re getting a cheap one for yourself.

So, what’s the difference between cheap and expensive hair dryers? While there are a lot of people who claim that there’s no difference, we beg to differ. In this article, we’ll explain how cheap and expensive hair dryers differ from each other, so let’s get started!

The Primary Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Hair Dryers:

It’s the heating technology that causes the difference in price. While a lot of advertisements can lead you to believe that these are all marketing hype, they are not.

We all know that hair dryers can be unhealthy for us. Some hair dryers tend to leave our hair lifeless after drying them, while some of them can dry them off without any other changes. Have you ever wondered why that happens?

Here’s the thing. The technology used in cheap hair dryers isn’t that good. It uses some basic heating system, and this tends to harm our hair while drying.

Moving on to hairdryers of a higher price range, you’ll find ceramic heating technology. These hair dryers can dry your hair up much faster, without harming them in any way. Thus, these are considered to be much better than the cheaper alternatives.

Finally, if you move to the most expensive hair dryers, you’ll find ionic heating technology. What these hair dryers do is shoot negative ions towards your hair.

This technology is considered to be the fastest drying solution for your hair, and it’s also considered the safest one.

However, don’t jump in and buy a hair drier straight away only because it says “Ion technology.” Some of the hair driers offer positive ions, while others provide negative ions.

The negative ions are beneficial for you, as they will close your cuticles down, and the natural texture of your hair will retain them. On the other hand, the positive ions will open up your cuticles and will make your hair frizzier. This is why we highly recommend steering clear of the positive ion hair dryers.

Thus, you can see that there’s a huge difference between cheap and expensive hair driers. While the cheap ones end up damaging your hair and leaving them lifeless, the expensive ones can keep your hair lively and dry them off faster.

It is why we suggest taking expensive hairdryers with either ceramic or ionic heating technology. With these, life will not only be easier, but healthier too!

Cheap vs. Expensive Hair Dryers: Other Differences

There are lots of differences between cheap and expensive hair dryers other than just the heating technology. Although these features won’t play a role in providing a healthier solution, they will make your life easier.


You’ll find just the on/off switch from the cheapest hair dryers out there. If you climb a bit higher, then you’ll see hair dryers that come with two heat options. Some of the more expensive ones will offer multiple heating and airflow options from which you can choose.

If you’re looking for the hair dryers that belong to the top of the rack, then you’ll find tons of options. These hair dryers not only let you customize the airflow and the heat, but they also permit you control over the ionic settings.

It means that you’ll be able to control your hair drier to the fullest for getting the best outcome for your hair. You’ll be able to dial in different options depending on your hair type, level of wetness, and more!


The motors of different hair dryers usually offer the same strength. However, there are certain differences between them. One of the major differences is durability. Motors of more expensive dryers will last longer, and vice versa.

The expensive hair dryers often come with more powerful heating technology; thus, they require higher power. This is why you’ll find a more powerful motor in them. However, this is not certain as modern models are being made for energy saving.

Another important thing is noise. The cheaper hair driers usually make more noise, and the expensive ones are much quieter. Some of the expensive picks don’t make any noise at all.

Determining whether a motor is good or not is by checking what kind of motor it is. There are usually two types of motors, brushed and brushless. The brushless motors are the superior ones. These motors will provide a higher power as they are more efficient, quieter, and last longer.

Motors control another critical aspect of the hair dryers. If the motor is efficient enough, then you’ll be able to dry your hair off much faster. This is another reason why expensive hair dryers are capable of drying your hair faster.

Cord Length

If you take the expensive hair dryers, you’ll get longer cords. Although longer cords are usually designed for better mobility in salons, they can help you in your home, too, as you’ll be able to roam around freely while drying your hair.

The length and quality of the cord also depend on whether it’s a cheap or expensive hairdryer. The expensive ones come with superior cords, and these cords can last longer, saving you from having to repair them.


You’ll mostly find hairdryers from great brands on the expensive spectrum. As they are from good brands, they offer a more extended and flexible warranty. When it comes to hairdryers, having a warranty is very crucial.

They may stop working properly due to some fault in the unit, and that can be harmful to your hair. This is how expensive hair dryers will give you an upper hand over the cheaper ones.

Should You Spend on an Expensive Hair Dryer?

By now, it’s evident that expensive hair dryers are superior to the cheaper ones and in more than one way. However, does that justify spending the extra for them?

Although expensive hair dryers are far better than the cheaper ones, sometimes saving the extra bucks may be a more reasonable choice. How would you determine whether you should spend on a hairdryer or not? It’s simple. You need to judge by your necessities!

We’ve discussed previously that higher-end hair dryers will offer better technology. For example, instead of getting regular or ceramic heating technology, they’ll offer ionic technology that’ll save you some time.

The question is, are those worth the extra money just for saving some time of yours? Or are you okay spending more time instead? Plus, you can always make a wise decision to reduce the drying time.

To do this, you need to look for a hairdryer that offers a better motor than the rest. The better the motor, the faster you will be able to dry your hair off.

Another major thing to consider is the onboard controls. Now, onboard controls can be very important for some. These will make your life easier, and they will also let you tweak the dryer to your preferences.

You might not get many options from cheaper models, but you’ll get a lot of options from the expensive ones. So, it’s up to you to determine whether you need these or not.

If you need to spend a lot of time behind hair care, then probably getting a lot of controls will help you out. Otherwise, there’s no need to bother with these.

While overspending on hair dryers doesn’t make any sense, getting the cheap ones isn’t an option either. Some of the cheaper hairdryers can harm your hair down to the very cuticle, and this will leave a long-lasting effect on your hair.

That is why it’s essential to find a sweet spot that you’ll be comfortable spending. For example, if you need a lot of controls, it’s only necessary to spend at least the premium.

Then again, a person who might not require a long cord can spend much lower on getting a dryer with a shorter cable.

So, the answer is, it’s not justified to overspend on a hairdryer. Instead, you can save up that money and decide to spend it on other hair care products for getting a better result overall.

Final Words

Hopefully, as you’re with us till the end, you have all the answers to your question; what’s the difference between cheap and expensive hair dryers?

There’s enough variation on the market to exactly offer what you need, and that too at a low price. Before you pick one, we highly recommend you consider the features you really need and choose accordingly.

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