What Is Ionic Hair Dryer?

A traditional hair dryer do a fairly decent job at shaping and molding hair just the way people want. However, while the short-term result may be a beautiful finish, the damage done to the hair by these devices is noticeable down the road.

If people want to care for their hair gently and avoid as much heat damage as possible, they’ll need an ionic hair dryer.

But, what is a ionic hair dryer?

That’s the question we’ll answer in this article. Created with a convenient design and outstanding tech, the ionic hair dryer is a beauty device with barely any competition.

Sounds good, right? Continue reading to find out more about these devices!

The Ionic Hair Dryer — Beauty with Less Damage

Ionic Hair Dryer

As technology advanced through the years, it’s only natural that beauty devices did too. The way our hair looks is important not only to leave a good impression on other people but also because taking good care of our hair is a fantastic self-esteem boost.

It wasn’t always easy, though. Conventional hair dryers worked, but they used to produce many positively charged ions, which made the cuticle lift up, and thus, it allowed natural moisture to escape.

The hair looked good, but only temporarily — after a couple of hours, the hair looked dry, frizzy, and static.

Then came the ionic hair dryers.

New hair dryers featured a built-in ion generator, which emit negative ions that spread the water molecules in wet hair quickly which have a positive ionic charge.

These negatively charged ions are responsible for two things. First, they neutralize static, a common consequence of positive ions to dry faster scattering the water droplets. Secondly, the negative ions tame flyaway hair for a better finish.

By sealing in moisture and flattening the cuticle, negative ions can make the hair look smoother and shinier than ever before.

More Than Just Heat

While traditional a blow dryer is good at producing heat, the ionic models are far more efficient at distributing it. Additionally, there are multiple extra accessories available to use with this blow dryer, such as hair dryer attachments including diffuser, removable filters to make the cleaning tasks easier, and lengthy cords to give us plenty of freedom to move around the room.

Caring your hair is not just about heat — that’s when this blow dryer with ion comes into play: it efficiently uses its system and accessories to perfect heat distribution without hurting the hair. Most of these dryers come with adjustable heat and two speed settings or more to style and blow dry each hair type.

Stylish & Convenient

Besides allowing users to rock multiple hairstyles, the ionic hair dryer is also good-looking and convenient devices to have around the household.

Most ionic hairdryers feature a sleek design with a lightweight dryer build, making them easy to use as they’re comfortable to hold and result in less hand fatigue.

So, whether people use the ionic hair dryer for personal or professional purposes, the device won’t give them any trouble even after prolonged use. Plus, they blend well with the room’s decoration! 

Shiny Finishes

In many cases, the ionic hair dryers also have the “Cool Shot” function. What does this feature do? Simple: it releases cool air. Once you are done with hair dry cool air to finish styling hair.

Other Ion Components to Consider

Other components like the ceramic heater — and the tourmaline beads — also plays a role in the production of negative ions. They help maximize the ionic generator’s positive effect, enhancing its performance and delivering consistent heat.

As far as the tourmaline goes, this semiprecious stone emits negative ions and infrared heat. Far infrared heat dry your hair from inside penetrating the hair cuticles causing less heat damage and helps to maintain the shiny look.

Ionic Dryer vs. Tourmaline Dryers — Which One to Choose?

Considering both dryers operate similarly and offer pretty much the same benefits, the question now is which one to choose. Technicalities aside, the easiest way to pick one out of the two is determining what to expect from a hair dryer.

If the user wants to fight off getting frizzy, then the tourmaline dryer is more than enough as this blow dryer is affordable in budget.

However, for those who want to have the same results in less drying time, then the blow dryer with negative ion is the best hair dryer option for them.

This type of dryer outperforms the competitors, delivering quicker drying time and styling time and results that will last for days if necessary. Plus, not only will users fight off frizz, but also other common issues like flyaways, damage to the hair, and more.

Why Settle for One or the Other?

Alternatively, users can get a multipurpose hair dryer with not only ionic hair drying technology but also tourmaline and ceramic technology.

Models like the Remington D3190 offer the versatility to operate the dryer just like people want. Other than being versatile, this type of device offers multiple speed settings for optimal drying.

How Do Ionic Dryers Work According to Hair Type?

Every head is a different world, and that also includes hair. The good news is that regardless of the type of hair, the ionic dryer offers an outstanding performance to make most of them look fantastic. Here’s how this device positively affects different styles of hair.

Curly Hair

By locking in moisture, the ionic hair dryers work well for curly type hair. With patience and time invested in it, the device can achieve gorgeous and frizz-free curls with a smooth, silky texture.

Thick Hair

This type of hair isn’t a problem for the ionic hairdryers either. The device comes with multiple settings that allow users to operate the dryer at the speed and rhythm the hair needs. Plus, the Turbo ionic switch guarantees thick or coarse hair dries faster while reducing frizz.

Long Hair

Properly cared long hair looks incredible, but the process to get to that point can be tedious — More so if people don’t have an effective hair dryer. Fortunately, ionic hairdryers negative ions efficiently keep the long hair’s finish by making the process quicker. 

Fine Hair

While the ionic dryer works well for fine hair, there are some precautions people must take as they care for this type of hair. For instance, the turbo ionic switch is a no-no for fine hair, as it could leave it feeling limp and dull.

Flyaway Hair

Imagine using all the products, and there’s still some hair that won’t budge; that’s flyaway hair. It’s annoying, frustrating, and troublesome — but not impossible to fix.

Much like with frizzy hair, the ionic dryers seals cuticle to reach perfect and beautiful silky hair with no flyaways in the slightest.

Advantages of Using Ionic Hair Dryer

After learning about what an ionic hairdryer is, let’s now take a look at some of the benefits these devices have to offer.

Dries Hair at Lower Temperature

One of the major disadvantages of using a conventional hairdryer is that the heat produced applies a lot of pressure to the hair shaft, which weakens it to the point of leading to breakage or split ends. This issue is noticeable even in low heat settings.

The ionic hairdryer prevents that from happening. Due to its ionic hair drying technology, this device produces uniform temperature for quick drying with considerably less heat damage. 

Preserves Defined Curl

Defining curly hair type takes a lot of time, patience, and plenty of hair products used before even exiting the shower. The ionic hair dryer helps preserve already defined curl for more time and without losing its essence.

Two Words: Less Frizz

Keeping your natural curl safe from frizz can be a hassle, especially when the hair is prone to static.

The ionic hair dryer emits negative ions that effectively neutralize static charges and help to style without causing frizz. Plus, this technology tightens cuticles, leading to a smoother, shinier, and better-looking curly finish.

Soft Hair

Another benefit of the negative ions is that they lock in moisture, meaning that the hair feels softer and smoother than it would when compared to an ordinary hairdryer. Not only do the curls remain perfect, but they also feel more pleasant.

Disadvantages of Ionic Hair Dryer

As with pretty much everything else, there’s no good without a bit of bad. Luckily, the advantages of using an ionic hairdryer heavily outshine the few seatbacks the device may have. Either way, be aware of the following information before purchasing.

Caution Necessary

Though ionic hairdryers can operate at low temperature and handle the hair gently, these devices can still leave some damage if people don’t use them properly. For example, it’s quite easy to over-dry hair using these types of dryers, which could be troublesome for fine hair.

Caution is necessary while using these dryers to avoid that type of damage. 


Ionic dryers are often more expensive than the traditional models, though their price is understandable. The ionic dryer is much better at frizz control as it operates on modern technology to keep those issues at bay.

When the finish is beautiful hair, paying a bit of extra money is worth it.

The Most-Rated Ionic Hair Dryers

In theory, the ionic hair dryer sounds fantastic. However, the question is whether the device is as good as people say. Well, the answer to that question is yes: these dryers are as good as they sound. Here are the top three dryers that efficiently use ionic technology.

  • Conair 1875 Watts Ionic Hair Dryer

This dryer offers a blend of conditioning ions with tourmaline ceramic technology to guarantee the hair receives less damage and a shinier finish.

To do that, the dryer distributes heat evenly, which also makes a quick blow dry with less chance to heat damage. Operating at 1,875 watts and featuring a black/chrome design, this product performs and looks perfect.

The motor included is a DC unit with three heat settings and two speed options available. Using is quite simple, mostly due to how intuitive the device is. Plus, the many settings offered by this dryer allow users to get creative and achieve that perfect hairstyle.

  • CONAIR INFINITIPRO Styling Ionic Hair Dryer

Here’s another Conair product that excels at what it does. It comes with customizable settings and two attachments that make it suitable for all hair types.

The dryer’s orange color is good-looking, and the ergonomic handle is top-notch. Remember it was exhausting to use a dryer? That’s not a concern anymore, thanks to devices like this one.

True to the brand’s style, the dryer features highly effective ionic technology to treat hair gently. The device offers many benefits like three heat settings as well as two speeds, with the true cool shot button also included. Other than the main tool, the hair dryer comes with concentrator nozzle and diffuser attachments.

  • Remington D3190 Ionic Hair Dryer

This hair dryer comes with micro-conditioners for optimal damage protection. Plus, advanced coating technology improves the dryer’s performance by guaranteeing safe use.

By operating on 1875 watts of maximum power and multiple speed settings, this device effectively treats hair gently.

The unit has other useful features as well, such as a removable air filter for easier maintenance. Want to know the best part? This dryer operates as a 3-in-1 device, as it comes with ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline technology with diffuser attachmentmakes it one of the best hair dryer today.

Overall, the Remington D13190 is an outstanding ionic dryer for most hair types. It’s powerful, customizable due to the different settings available, and it performs efficiently. Lastly, this device is comfortable to use, even after minutes or hours for professional stylists.

Final Words

We started with the simple question of what is a ionic hair dryer. By the end of the article, we now understand the basic concepts, advantages, and disadvantages of this device.

Truthfully, learning how this type of dryer works allows us to use it efficiently, as we put all of its features to good use and achieve a gorgeous hairstyle.

Next time you’re looking for a safe and effective method to care for your hair, the ionic hair dryer should be on your list definitely.