What Hair Dryers Do Professionals Use?

Looking after one’s hair can be a tricky task. There are loads of formulas and conditioners that can help them grow smoothly, keep them healthy, and maintain their strength. Moreover, there are loads of devices that you can use to maintain your hair and make it look smooth and glossy. Among them, the most prominent ones are hair dryers.

This product is quite a nifty option for a hair dryer as it can dry off your head in a few seconds. However, they are pretty expensive, and you may ask, what hair dryers do professionals use?

Today, we’re going to introduce you to some models that can help you nurture your hair without having to worry about heat damage due to direct heat.

5 Best Hairdryer Picks by Professionals

Here are five amazing hair dryers that are recommended by the professional stylist and you also can find them hanging in any professional salon. Keep on reading to know more about them, their advantages and disadvantages, and understand which one will suit your needs the best!

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Starting off our list is an item that perfectly matches its price point. The Dyson Hair Dryer is undoubtedly the most premium option you will find among the best professional blow dryers currently.

You can use it as much as you want maintaining the most healthy hair and the natural texture of your hair. It constantly monitors its air temperature, controls it, and prevents heat damage due to high heat.

There’s no easier way of finding out if a hair dryer works than checking the drying time it takes to dry off your wet hair. You will certainly find this product to exceed your expectation in this regard. Dyson equipped it with an impressive motor with a total strength of 1600 watts. Its precise and quick airflow will dry hair with an impressively reduced drying time.

An instant indicator of the value a hair dryer can provide is the attachments that come with it. Buying the Supersonic Hair Dryer will allow you to customize it in different ways.

Each purchase will grant you a smoothing nozzle, a diffuser, and a styling concentrator nozzle to dry and style your own hair however you like while also maintaining it easily.

A crucial factor to consider in a hair dryer is the convenience it can provide. Dyson took an unorthodox approach with this unit and installed the motor within the handle. Therefore, it’s an incredibly lightweight dryer, and you can control it with an outstanding balance without getting your arm fatigue.


  • Balanced air pressure output
  • Strong motor power of 1600watts
  • A plethora of attachments with each purchase
  • Light in weight and balanced design
  • Barely audible when operational


  • Comparatively less shelf life
  • Prone to operational failure

2. Professional 1875W Turbo Ionic Dryer

Many of you may feel disheartened when trying to buy a hair dryer that professionals use due to their typically steep price. However, fear not, the 1875W Turbo Ionic Dryer is the perfect solution. Although this model doesn’t measure up to its competitors on the price level, it still provides an equal value and performance. It’s also economical as it runs on 110V.

One of the biggest issues many people have with the hair dryer is the chances of it damaging your hair while using it. However, you won’t have to worry about any such dangers when using this product. Hot Tools introduced quite a few innovative perks into it for your proper hair care. It uses ions which allows for quick drying while keeping your hair shiny and soft.

Strength is a crucial factor when looking to buy a hair dryer. You will be amazed by the star power this tool has to offer. It boasts jaw-dropping motor energy of 1875W. You will be able to use it for craftily controlling the airflow and pulling off different styles.

A significant problem that many professional hairdressers face when operating a hair dryer is its cleaning and maintenance process. The models in the saloon go through a lot of rough use every day, and it’s pretty standard for them to accumulate dust.

However, the 1875W Turbo Ionic Technology can be the perfect choice in this case. Its cap is removable, so you can clean it quickly and increase its overall longevity.


  • Consumes merely 110V
  • Use of ions for a fast dry
  • It has a total strength of 1875W
  • Removable caps for swift cleaning
  • Diffuser and concentrator included


  • Extremely heavy body
  • Falls short on air force

3. T3 Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

Drying oneself after a shower can be a nightmare for those who have curly or frizzy hair. Thankfully, you won’t have to face this trouble with the Cura Luxe Hair Dryer. Its frizz smoothing feature allows you to dry off your curls without having to worry about it losing any of its moisture. Furthermore, it won’t create any frizzes and keep your hair shiny.

Customizability is a vital aspect to consider when getting a hair dryer. In that regard, you will find this item to meet all your requirements. Its speed is entirely controllable, with three different modes to switch between to get your desired performance. You won’t have to think about brusque airflow when operating it.

Many people often feel skeptical about using a hair dryer due to its high electricity consumption. However, you will find the Cura Luxe Hair Dryer to be quite the exception. It has two sensors on the handle which monitor your use. The moment you let go of the model, it will automatically turn off, letting you use only as much energy as you need.

Heat flow is a crucial factor to keep in mind when selecting the proper hair dryer. Each hair type requires a different level of warmth to dry off properly while also remaining healthy. T3 perfectly understands this scenario and ensures that this product perfectly fits the bill. It has five different heat settings to accommodate everyone.


  • Caters wonderfully to curly hair
  • Three different airflow options
  • Five heat settings
  • Motion sensors on the handle
  • Compatible with round brushing


  • Lacks overall power
  • Difficult to identify volume button

4. Solano Vero

If you’re looking for a hair dryer with a stylish design, then you will love this unit. The Vero is a unique option with a total weight of only 1.2 pounds, allowing you to carry it easily and use it on your hair from various angles. Furthermore, its design is ergonomic and stylish similar to the sleekness of the Italian artistry for comfortable use.

Buying a hair dryer for a hair salon can be a tough call. There are just too many options in the present market. Moreover, you will need a model that can keep up with the high demand and fast-paced use of the place. Solano has equipped this tool with an impressive motor of 1600W, which doesn’t affect its lightweight nature while having an impressive lifespan of 1500 hours.

The Vero comes with all the hallmarks of a professional hair dryer. It’s got all the necessary attachments you can need to cater to your customer’s needs. Every purchase of this model comes with two precision nozzles, two-speed controls, and a 9 ft power cord so that you can use it with the highest amount of convenience.

Versatility is an excellent feature of this item. It has three different heat settings so that anyone can feel at ease while using it. You can apply it to your hair regardless of its type without having a fear of the device ruining the quality or shape of your hair.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight build
  • Impressive 1500-hour shelf life
  • 9 ft long power cord
  • Three different speed settings
  • Two precision nozzles provided on purchase


  • Unnecessarily noisy
  • The heat control mechanism is poor

5. Conair Pro Silver Bird Hair Dryer

Closing off our list is a popular choice among hairstylists worldwide. The Pro Silver Bird is a tough and dependable model which you can use efficiently for different kinds of hair quality. It boasts an exceptional strength of 2000 watts which ensures that it can run continuously for a long time without having to worry about malfunctioning.

Unlike most of its competitors, this model has an impressive shelf life. The main reason behind this is mostly because of the type of motor it uses. Each unit is fitted with a commercial AC motor. It prevents overheating while ensuring consistency in performance.

Customizability is one of the most attractive features the Pro Silver Bird has. You can use it in varying ranges to cater to a wide variety of hair types. It boasts six different heat settings and two-speed modes to cater to all hairstyles with ease perfectly.

Finally, you will absolutely adore this hair dryer for its value. You will get two stellar attachments with each purchase; a concentrator nozzle and a straightening pic. The nozzle stays firmly attached to the mouth so you can dry away without having to worry about it falling off.


  • 2000 watts’ motor strength
  • Fueled by industry-grade motor
  • Six different heat modes
  • Two switchable speed settings
  • Straightening pic and concentrator nozzle provided


  • Nozzle tends to melt when on high heat
  • Straightening comb prone to bending when operational


In the past, you might have been worried about which blow-dryer to buy due to so many choices. However, now that you know what hair dryers do professionals use, you will never have to worry about getting confused in the shop.

You can dry your hair peacefully and enjoy the warm winds soaking the excess water from the shower without ever having to worry about it ruining your hair.

So, run to your nearest convenience shop or log into your favorite e-commerce site! Buying a hair dryer will never seem easier. Now, you can engage in haircare just like how the professionals do it!

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