Is the Dyson Hair Dryer Worth It?

Are you tired of roaming around with wet hair this winter? Gone are the days when natural drying was a thing. People are now making their lives easier and their hair prettier with hairdryers. While we are speaking of dryers, one dryer has to be mentioned – the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

When Dyson broke the beauty and styling industry with their new hairdryers, the Supersonics were trending everywhere. To this date, it is considered a revolutionary invention in the history of dryers.

So, is the Dyson supersonic hair dryer worth it? Thinking about splurging all your money on it? Read this article first to get answers to all your queries.

Basics About the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson hair dryer worthy it


The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is an exceptionally engineered hair drying machine that constitutes the elements of modern technology for effective results. It has the smallest digital motor V9 with the air multiplier technology that produces powerful but controlled airflow which dries hair faster.

The power button is a slide-off-on button that makes it really easy to operate with a gentle push while using it. This hair dryer comes with a relatively long power cord which some users complain about but is not an issue with maximum users.

It is no ordinary hairdryer. In fact, it has innovative additions to it and a technology that is novel and different from any other hair dryers in the market.

This hair tool is best known for its flawless performance. It will dry your hair at a record speed, make sure it’s frizz-free, and ensure a high shine. For the thick hair type, the Dyson blow dryer can cut your blow-drying time up to 50%. The best part? Dyson supersonic has an intelligent heat control that measures the heat 40 times a second that protect against extreme heat damage. It will not burn your scalp or hair shaft like the other hair dryer.


The blow dryer’s weight is extremely light being hollow in the middle. Also, it produces considerably less sound because the motor is placed on its handle.

As for the length, it is quite moderate. It is not too long and will fit perfectly in your hand.

Another attractive feature of this dryer is that it does not have a long barrel, as opposed to traditional hair dryers. As a result, it does not feel too heavy and helps you get a firm grip.

The hair dryer also comes with several magnetic attachments or accessories, which we will cover later in this review.

Sleek Design

Dyson has a very sophisticated design, which is completely different from most hair dryers out there. An average hair dryer either has the traditional or wrap design. But the Supersonic has a different yet chic look to it.

It is an elongated dryer with a hollow inside. The handle contains the motor, which acts as a silencing factor as well. Moreover, the dryer is available in four colors. The colors are black/nickel, white/silver, iron/fuchsia, and black/purple.

And, the texture of the device is smooth. It has a polished finishing. The dryer is expensive and carries the same expensive luster in its appearance.

Heat shield technology

The heat shield technology keeps the surface and the attachments cool to ensure heat protection to your scalp and fingers while using this hair dryer. The Dyson supersonic hair dryer serves all that you may look for in a hair dryer.

Cold shot button

It has a cold shot button below the power button. Cold shot to set your hair with a round brush once you have done hair dry and styling. You can set your hair style without a round brush too.

The Attachments

The Dyson Supersonic comes with five magnetic styling attachments to facilitate different hair types. These attachments are a  diffuser, smoothing nozzle, and styling concentrator, non-slip mat, and a storage hanger. A great thing about these attachments is they’re all magnetized. You are going to get amazed at how easy to use these magnetic attachments. You must have experienced difficulties fitting the diffuser with other dryers especially after frequent uses.  No such thing with these magnetic attachments.

  • Diffuser

One of the most popular attachments of this dryer is the diffuser. As the name suggests, it works through the process of air diffusion. The goal is to create a distinct separation between natural curls and waves. It has prongs that can reach inwards the hair. This is designed to simulate natural air drying with the fastest speed.

The Dyson hair diffuser addition is effective for those with curly and wavy hair. Despite the large size of the attachment, it is quite popular; and definitely one of the most talked-about attachments of the device.

  • Smoothing Nozzle

The fourth attachment is the smoothing nozzle. This is another favorite attachment of the users. It helps to achieve a smoother, more refined finish. Here, a smooth airflow ensures a smoother result. The styling nozzle is designed to control the airflow much narrower, compared to that of the diffuser. A smoothing nozzle is also supposed to dry your hair faster than blow dryers and decrease frizz tendency.

  • Styling Concentrator

The final and most versatile attachment is the styling concentrator. Its composition is wide and thin, which helps to do precision styling. The flow of air produced by the concentrator is the narrowest of all, and it is targeted in specific areas.

This styling concentrator is best to use by dividing the hair into sections and then using it to style different hair types.

  • Storage hanger

  • Nonslip mat

How Does Dyson Hair Dryer Work?

One of the most common queries of enthusiasts is how this device works. It performs more effectively than any other dryer in the market, and the reason behind this is its functionality.

The company, Dyson, invested a lot of money to reformulate hairdryers. They collaborated with more than 100 engineers on this project and came up with completely innovative technology.

Dyson supersonic hair dryer is designed with an inventive, lightweight digital motor in its dryers. It produces less sound, but the quality of the air stream is just as good. The stream of air is also increased due to the air multiplying technology adopted by the company.

This powerful motor measures the temperature of the air 20 times in a second, decreasing the chances of burning or frizzy hair. Besides, it also has options from lower heat settings to high and three-speed settings for your natural hair. These settings, along with the attachments, offer refined performance to the consumers.

Dyson Hair Dryer Comparison with Traditional Dryer

If you compare the supersonic hair dryer Dyson with the traditional ones, you will be able to find many differences. The disparity in the performance and design is what makes Dyson supersonic such a hard contender.

Traditional hair dryers have the same, old design consisting of a large perpendicular area on the handle. This area consists of a fan as well. For older models, smoke may come out from the back structure of the dryer.

The Dyson, on the other hand, is modeled as a completely different, yet elegant design. It does not have an L shape like the traditional dryers. Besides, it does not consist of inner fans.

Definitely, the biggest difference has to be the positioning of the motor. In a traditional hairdryer, the motor and the fan are both located on the structure attached above the handle.

As for the Dyson supersonic hair dryer, first of all, there is no fan. The motor has been placed in the handle. This genius placement is the reason why the distribution of heat and stream of air is so under control.

Dyson Hair Dryer Cost

The biggest aspect, as well as the disadvantage of this product, is its price point. It is extremely high for a dryer. However, the cost is reasonable, considering all the features.

This dryer may be highly expensive, but its performance makes the cost fair and justified. It is a long-time investment; and will not require further expenditure.

Sales and discounts are rarely given on this product, but you should grab any opportunity for a sale. Also, if you want to try it out, you could try a refurbished one that is heavily discounted.

Who Sells Dyson Hair Dryers?

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is available in several retail stores and websites. They are carried by makeup giants Sephora and Ulta, as well as retail chains Nordstrom and Walmart. Other than that, you will also find the dryer in Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Neiman Marcus, and of course Amazon.

If you are considering buying a refurbished one, try to get it from Dyson’s website or eBay. On eBay, they also offer heavy discounts on the product.

The Dyson Hair Dryer Bag

Dyson also sells a special “Dyson-designed storage bag” for storing the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. Other than storing, it is also used for transporting. This bag is not just meant for the Supersonic model, but also the Airwrap styler.

The storage bag comes in two colors – black/purple and black nickel/fuchsia. As you might have guessed, the pricing of this bag is also on the expensive side.

Apart from the bag sold by Dyson, there are also other hard storage cases and bags available in the market that can be used to carry the same product. Most of these are found on Amazon, and they range from leather bags to sturdy cases. 

Potential customers and enthusiasts seem to look for Dyson supersonic hair dryer reviews for curly hair the most, especially because the machine claims to gear towards curly hair with its attachments.

The dryer works exceptionally well when it comes to drying and maintaining natural curl. Its diffuser attachment works well to give a quick dry to curls and make them appear bouncy. Curly hair usually takes a lot of time to dry. But with this dryer, it only takes a couple of minutes.

There are three heat settings to control the airflow and heat in the Dyson supersonic for gentle drying, fast-drying, and regular drying hair considering the frizz factor.  If you have curls, you can adjust the airflow and heat setting to suit your needs, and achieve the look you want.

For wavy & curly hair, you should apply a moderately high setting, but not the highest one. Besides, you might want to use the cold setting a little bit to finish up. Lower heat setting is known to decrease frizz and flyaways.

Does the Dyson HairDryer Cause Damage to Hair?

The manufacturing company, Dyson, claims that its intelligent heat control measures the heat so sensitively to protect hair from extreme heat damage. However, every dryer is designated to cause some amount of damage, and this one is no different.

This dryer has different heat settings. The highest level can definitely prove to be damaging to hair. Although this setting is not used by most users on a regular basis, it cannot be ignored that the setting itself is damaging.

However, the thermal sensor in the motor of the device helps to regulate the air temperature. The exposure to heat is also less in this device. It has been proven that, compared to most dryers, hair is less susceptible to damage from this dryer.

Dyson Airwrap Vs Supersonic – a Comparison

Both “Airwrap” and “Supersonic” are dryer models of Dyson, following similar principles of engineering. The Airwrap was introduced sometime later after the Supersonic gained immense popularity.

In the Airwrap, the more modern version, new technology has been introduced to let the hair be attracted to the barrel due to the stream of air. This dryer exclusively ensures maximum protection of hair and skin. The Supersonic does the same job too. But, the Airwrap does it more effortlessly.

The Airwrap is used for styling and drying simultaneously. But the Supersonic is more of a drying tool. Styling can be done with it, but attachments are required.

By contrast, the Supersonic has more power, airflow rate, and heat settings than the Airwrap does. Even when it comes to attachments, the Airwrap surpasses its predecessor. There are many barrels as well as brushes that help to style the hair properly.

Is the Dyson Dryer Worth It?

Considering all the features as well as the price point, I will say that the Dyson supersonic hair dryer is worth it. Now, the price is definitely not negligible, but if you are into regular styling and good hair care investments, this should be your pick.

Dyson has made the most ‘perfect’ dryer available till now. The features seem splendid too. Since this is a huge splurge on a dryer, the price could be a little less, but it still has enough value to justify the splurge.

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