How to Use Revlon Hair Dryer Brush?

Let’s be honest with ourselves; putting effort into self-care isn’t exactly our forte every single day. But even then, we need some easy ways to love and care for ourselves and are on the lookout for products that can maximize the outcome of our minimum effort.

You probably know where we are going with this, right? We can assume you have come through reviews of a haircare product that promises to do just that: the Revlon hair dryer brush.

Whether you already have or are thinking of buying it, we are here to teach you how to use the Revlon hair dryer brush and tell you if it is actually worth the hype.

Get Introduced: The Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

The product under our inspection here is the Revlon  One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Brush- which promises to deliver gorgeous volume and brilliant shine in a single step. This dryer brush claims to deliver hair salon blowouts at home- lift/volume at the roots and beautiful waves at the end.

The oval shape and rounded edges of Revlon blow dryer brush can reach closer to the root of the entire head to lift and create volume. In the meantime, ionic technology helps dry hair faster and reduce damage. This blow dryer brush is designed with tufted bristles and nylon pin that helps detangling hair with improved volume and control creating frizz.

Unique and innovative air flow vants in the Revlon one step hair dryer brush spreads just the right amount of heat to ensure smooth blowouts and more volume at the root.

This one of the revlon hair tools with a combination of round brush and blow dryer with ionic technology let your hair dries fast, so you won’t end up with tired arms with a lengthy process. You can enjoy styling flexibility with its dual speed and heat settings and cool option. 

The Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

Here’s how to use the brush properly:

Step 1: A Clean Slate

Clean hair is essential if you want to create and carry any hairstyle throughout the day, lasting against (almost) all adversities that are thrown at it.

Besides, it is no rocket science that heat will damage hair more if applied on hair covered with dirt, scalp oil, dust, etc. As this one step volumizer is a hot tools, we sure would suggest you keep that in mind.

Follow your usual hair care routine by shampooing out days-old oil, dust, dirt, etc. Only shampoo your roots by massaging your scalp thoroughly and gently, and wash it through. For extra nourishment in the ends of the hair, use a conditioner or hair mask.

It is very important to wash these out as thoroughly as possible- because if any chemical is left behind, your hair might be damaged when you blow dry.

Step 2: Partial Dry

Wet hair is more stretchable and prone to breaking or cracking. Hair cuticles and hair fiber are more strained when they are wet, and the friction from such heavy bristles of revlon hair tools can cause damage by snapping off the cuticles.

Over time, this can even cause hair to thin out, as well as cause split ends and an increase in frizziness due to damage. In short, hair, in general, is more prone to heat damage when applied to wet hair.

So, the best course of action is to take the excess water out and wait until your hair is 70-80% dry. You can towel dry or let your hair air dry the latter is definitely a safer and more friendly option for your hair. Some even prefer to go to sleep at night fresh out of the shower and wake up with damp hair that’s perfect for working the dryer brush.

Step 3: Prep Your Hair

To keep your blowout long-lasting and healthy, you need to be more mindful about your hair care routine! As we are blow drying, we should try our best to ensure nourishment that would help strengthen the hair.

Use a strengthening hair serum or nourishing leave-in conditioner and massage along the lengths of your hair evenly. Using a heat protectant is also recommended if possible.

It’s always a great idea to brush out your tangles before you start using blow dryer brush or start applying heat to your own hair. As your hair is damp/wet thus more prone to damage, you can use a wide-tooth comb, detangling brush, or gentle wet brush, etc., to separate hair tangles safely as your hair dries out.

Step 4: Sectioning, Drying, Styling

Part your hair into manageable sections of layers. Clip away the upper layers, leaving the undermost layer free to work with. Brush through with the Revlon one step hair dryer Brush under the piece of hair to curl it inward and over the piece of hair to create volume/wave outward.

For added volume at the root, start at the “low” heat/speed setting and hold it longer at the root of your hair, or brush from underneath. You can also use dry shampoo to give you lift and volume at the roots.

Another quick method is to turn your head upside down and comb through the roots only before going back to doing the rest of the hair.

Slowly brush through the length of the hair; when you get to the end, turn the setting to a “high” (heat/speed) setting and hold for a few seconds then gently pull out. Once you are done, you can select the “cool” setting and do a final brush-through. This will give your hair an extra glossy shine.

Step 5: Repeat

Complete the entire bottom section of hair and leave it as is. Take another section and Clip away the rest that has not been done yet. Repeat step 4. 


If you have side bangs, short layers, etc., haircut- twist the hair in the front of your head and then comb it away from the face. This will give you a nice face-framing wave and help you look more put together.

Why You May Want to Get the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Brush

The most important and amusing positive side of this product- is convenience. This blow dryer brush helps dry your hair very fast, without making your hair frizzy or drying it out.

Unlike conventional hair dryers at home, you don’t have to tire yourself out using both hands to hold a dryer AND a round brush. Even though this product is a bit on the chunkier side – it carries on the tasks of a blow dryer, a styling flat iron, and a round brush.

It saves time and saves your muscles from strain. Comparing to the times and money it typically takes to go to a salon you can style it at home blowout with Revlon salon one step hair dryer and volumizer.

The ease of having only one product for both drying and styling your hair is a game-changer for people with a busy routine or low hair care maintenance. It might take some time to get used to, but as this dryer brush is very intuitive, you can easily adapt it into your daily routine.

Why You May Not Want to Get the Revlon One-Step Dryer Brush

The bulky size of the hairdryer brush may sometimes create a bit of inconvenience, especially when you are traveling for a short period and want to bring your favorite hair tool with you.

Now the heat settings may upset some users- as only low heat + speed, and high heat + speed may not suffice their desired need, and they require specific temperature.

The high setting may appear too harsh and powerful to some- especially the ones with thin hair or already damaged hair due to bleach, damage to previous heat damage, etc.

As for any other hair tool that operates through heat, although it is not very different than regular blow-drying in the case of heat management, some form of damage is inevitable due to repeated usage over time.

Some users have complained that over a long period and continuous usage, the bristles of the brush tend to get warped due to heat, and the tool gets quite hot to touch. As for any technology or electric tool, it is safe to say all tools age with time and deteriorates- and this is no exception.

Is This Good for All Hair Types?

This is a complicated and tricky question to answer- but the general answer is yes.

From people with coily hair to people with straight hair- anyone can use this brush. Although coily or curly hair may be less friendly and accepting of this heated tool than wavy or straight hair, this sure works on each hair type.

Extremely curly hair may get puffed up and frizz up after some time, but you can surely manage that by applying adequate serums or leave-in conditioner before/during using this and finishing off with some setting spray. This should hold your hairstyle for long enough.

It may also take a little longer to brush through all the hair if your hair is thick or extremely curly hair. Make sure to detangle thoroughly and gently before you start using this brush.

As for wavier and straighter hair, this product is a total blessing. You can get away with lip-syncing to your favorite song jumping around the room, and not looking in the mirror while you use it- and still end up with a grade A result. Style and volume will also hold longer for straight or wavy hair.

A Quick Summary

  • Revlon salon one step hair dryer and volumizer is a combination of a blow dryer and a round brush.
  • With a unique oval shape and round edges, this blow dryer brush is designed with tangle free pin and a non-detachable brush head. It’s innovative air flow vents ensure maximum coverage.
  • Two heat and speed settings and a cool shot option for styling flexibility.
  • This blow dryer brush and volumizer meets US safety requirements. It proudly features the ETL certification seal (Intertek’s Electric Testing Labs certification to indicate the product is in compliance with the standard).
  • Only for use in 120V. Using power adapter and voltage converter is not recommended.
  • Revlon one step hair dryer is lightweight and extremely easy to use in spite of being large in size. The unique design you can lift the root still control distance and heat exposure to protect scalp.
  • It is recommended to let the revon one step hair dryer cool down before storing after every use and not to bend the bristles. Also recommended like all other dryer not to soak this unit into the water.
  • It is recommended to remove all hairs from the brush after every use and clean the inlet regularly using a small toothbrush. It is also recommended not to wrap the cord around the unit.

Is This Product Worth It?

As regular humans looking for ways to get better, quicker results in the comfort of their own home in a budget, the one-word answer is- yes!

Now, this is quite time-saving, easy to learn and use, and provides expected results in most cases- you really can’t ask for better equipment.

In this era of constant hustling, we all are looking for things that we can easily and comfortably use, which will provide results as close to our expectations. When it comes to the case of hairstyling and care, this gets most of the job done.

The end result leaves you with commercial-like soft, floaty, bouncy, voluminous hair in less than half the time and effort of a traditional blow dryer.

Getting an almost salon-like result from the comfort of your own home without spending money every time you walk into the salon leaves your pocket thanking you in the long run.


As we evolve and look for ways to maximize our output from minimum input, technology becomes our best friend. And when technology blesses us with something as convenient, easy, and time-saving- we should definitely give it a try and make the most of it.

The Revlon One Step Hair Dryer Brush can easily become your best friend once you get used to it. Also, the fast and effective result of bouncy, manageable, shiny hair with the least amount of grooming is what busy people with fashion sense dream of.

As promised, we have covered all you need to know- from how to use the Revlon hair dryer brush step by step to the pros and cons. We hope that you run to your nearest store, grab one soon, try it out for yourself and join us again with your gorgeously styled beautiful hair!