How to Do Sock Curls

It’s always been a fairly common play to use a curling iron to get some luscious, beautiful curls. However, the damage that comes with it is also widely known.

Most people don’t think curling your hair doesn’t have to be full of heat damage. There’re ways to achieve some curls without any damage right in your home–like a sock.

That’s right, using a sock is an easy and accessible way to get those strands of bouncy curly hair. Sounds unbelievable, but believe it or not, this is the way to pamper your hair if you want those bouncy and heat damage-free hair.

Sock curling is pretty popular and has been recognized by most fashionistas in the Industry. If you’ve been wondering how to do sock curls, then you’re in the right place. Because in this article, we’ll cover a step-by-step process on how you can curl your hair in a more in-depth tutorial.

Are Sock Curl and Sock Bun Curl the Same Technique?

How to Do Sock Curls

In terms of hairstyles, both serve the same purpose of curling your hair. However, both are different techniques for achieving a curl and give you different results. Even though these techniques differ from each other, they still manage to provide you with heatless sock curls.

If we talk about sock curls, it makes us wonder what and how the sock plays a role. As weird as it sounds, sock curls don’t mean sticking socks to your hair. Well, it kind of does?! Let me explain.

Sock curls are a heatless damage technique of curling hair by twisting the hair around the sock. In simple words, just twisting one sock with each twirl can get your hair wrapped in curls, that too without the heat.

Whereas, while using the sock bun curls method, you turn the sock, wrap hair around it, and make it like a donut. Not to mention, the sock bun curling technique is also heatless-free, just like the sock curling method.

The difference between these two techniques is that you create a donut in the sock bun technique. And in sock curling technique, you don’t. Thus, even though they sound similar, they’re not the same.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Doing Sock Curls

Sometimes, even after following instructions, some of us fail to get that curl in style. Hence, to get maximum results, some things can help you in the process. Keeping them in mind before starting the process is surely going to help you. Some of those tips are-

  • To make sock curls, most might need 5-6 socks. This can prove to be a perfect opportunity to put the left-out old socks to some good use.
  • Check the thickness of your hair because the number of socks depends on the thickness of the hair. The thicker your hair, the more socks you’ll need. If you want more volume-filled curls while having thick hair, you have to make more sections to avoid failure.
  • Another aspect on which the number of socks needed depends is on how tight or loose you’d prefer your curls to be. That’s because the amount of hair tie stuck to each sock will determine the shape of the curled hair. But don’t worry, by doing this repeatedly, you’ll gain enough experience that you won’t have to measure everything accordingly.
  • A key point to remember is that the longer the hair, the longer the sock you’ll need. Whether it’s one chunk of hair or two chunks, you’ll need long socks if you have long hair. Likewise, baby socks can work great in this aspect if you have shorter hair.
  • Lastly, choose the type of sock wisely. It’s better to use thinner socks than thicker socks.

How to Do Sock Curls: Step-by-step Tutorial

The sock curl trend has become a regular second-day hair product for young girls. Unlike braiding, the sock technique packs in quite the impact of a hairspray. Among the styling products, this one has acquired some popularity from age-old to the present.

Of course, doing any hairstyle needs patience. However, the benefit of being heat damage free comes in handy. The fun part is that you can follow various types of sock curls methods. Like –

  1. The X-pattern
  2. The Curl twist pattern

The process of the patterns differs from each other. The hair length also plays a role here. So without further ado, let’s jump into the processes.

The X-pattern Sock Curl Hair Tutorial

The X-pattern style of sock curls is mostly suitable for people with medium to long hair. If you love the S-shaped curls, this is the pattern you’re looking for.

Apart from the hair length, this pattern can be used for any texture of hair. Thicker hair, straight hair, curly hair, thin hair, etc, these aspects don’t matter. So, no matter the hair type, you can use this pattern anytime. The process goes like- this

Step 1: Dampen your hair with water thoroughly. Keep in mind that your hair is just damp, not too wet.

Step 2: After you’re done with dampening your hair, Make two sections in a way so that you have two manageable parted ways. However, people with thick hair should make more sections.

Step 3: Now, pick any one of the sections and clip the toe end with a sock through a claw clip. It should be clipped in the hair roots of the selected sections.

Step 4: Take the hair section and decide it into two chunks.

Step 5: Take any thick socks or thin socks that don’t matter. But, it would be preferable to get thin socks. After taking the sock, place it between the two chunks of your sectioned hair.

Step 6: Now, the fun part, Take the one chunk part of your hair and place it over the sock on the opposite side. Then, do the eth the other chunk. After doing so, you will see a criss-cross an X-pattern. If you don’t see a criss-cross shape, you weren’t doing it right.

Step 7: Now, all you have to do is put the sock under the other chunk of hair and make another X-pattern. This way, keep making the X-patterns around the sock.

Step 8: Last but not least, take a hair tie, secure the braid’s end, and keep it overnight.

Don’t forget to do the same on the rest of the hair. You can take an old t-shirt and wrap it around your hair before going to sleep. That way, the curls will be secure and give you better results.

The Curl Twist Pattern Tutorial

How to Do Sock Curls

Unlike the previously mentioned pattern, the Curl twist pattern will result in coils. You can use this method on any lengthed hair. But mostly, it’s preferably used on medium-short to longer hair length.

This pattern will quickly become their go-to style for someone who loves themselves a bouncy coiled set of curls. The process of this pattern is pretty easy. Let’s explain io in steps how you can get your curls through the curl twist pattern.

Step 1: Dampen hair thoroughly with cold water. Don’t keep wet hair, but simply damp.

Step 2: Make four sections in a way so you get four manageable parted sections. In this pattern too, you should opt for more sections if you have thicker hair. If you have thin hair, then a few sections should do.

Step 3: Now, Take one sock and place it in such a way that it’s parallel to your hair strands.

Step 4: After you’re done placing the sock, wrap it around your hair and make sure there’s no overlapping of hair sections.

Step 5: Lastly, take a hair tie and secure the curls. Then, make a bun by twisting it and keeping it overnight.

Don’t forget to do it to your remaining hair sections. In this way, you can get yourself some heatless waves all by yourself.

Sock Curls on Different Hair Types

Sock curls can vary from hair to hair, depending on the type of hair. While one technique might work on one type of hair, it might not work on the other. Hence, there are ways for each type of hair.

For instance, people with short hair often find it difficult to get some curly hair. And sometimes, the curling iron is hard to work with for short hair. And what’s the need to serve your hair to heat damage anyways if you can use sock curls!?

Curling your hair can get tricky if not used the correct methods. That’s why methods exist for styling different hair lengths. Luckily for you, we’re mentioning some of them below, along with the tutorials.

Sock Curls for Short hair

Normally, for shorter hair, the sock curling size should be smaller. You can get kid-sized socks for ideal curling. Usually, shorter socks result in twisted, beautiful curls.

Step 1: Take a water spray bottle and dampen your hair. Keeping the damp hair, make sure it’s not too wet.

Step 2: Make four sections and clip them to keep them from overlapping each other.

Step 3: Since it’s for shorter hair, start from the front section. Take the smallest tips of hair that are closest to the face wrap it around the sock. Then, twist the hair a bit away from your face.

Step 4: Next, take the other strand of hair and twist it with the first strand.

Step 5: Take the combined strand and twist it around a sock away from your face.

Step 6: Keep combining and twisting the strands with socks until all the sections are covered.

Step 7: Tie the strands with a rubber band and secure them by making a bun.

Leave it overnight to curl your hair with socks. It’s a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed after you see the results.

Sock Curls for Curly hair

How to Do Sock Curls

It’s often a misconception to think that people with curly hair don’t ever curl their hair. Most curly hair owners’ secret is that they curl their hair sometimes to give it a sheen and glossy look. In fact, why not?

Who doesn’t love a set of glossier hair? So people with curly hair, don’t you worry! Here’s a tutorial for you, just in case.

Step 1: Don’t keep dry hair and make it damp hair with some hairspray or water. Apply dry shampoo or conditioner before starting the curling process.

Step 2: people with curly hair mostly tend to have thick hair. So it’s better to do more sections than usual. But thick or thin, part your hair into six sections and clip out each of them with foam rollers or clippers.

Step 3: Grab a section of the hair strand and twist away from the hair with socks. Hold on to the edge of the hair and wrap it around the socks while it’s still damp.

Step 4: Now, take both ends of the tips of the socks and turn them into a knot. Make sure it holds on tight and doesn’t loosen away.

Step 5: Lastly, if it becomes dry hair, then put some water hair spray and tie it with an old shirt. Then just leave it to cook your curls overnight.

This way, you can get yourself some luscious bouncing or wavy curls all by yourself at home.

Tips and Tricks You Can Follow While Doing Sock Curls

The process of sock curling is pretty easy and convenient compared to curling irons, which puts quite a hefty amount of heat damage to the hair. And to avoid that, sock curls can prove to be an easy and safer way of making some curled hair.

And If you’re already a fan of this method, then you’ll be happy to know there are some tricks and tips you can follow to maximize your results. They are-

  • Try to section your hair into multiple segments and make a ponytail.
  • It’s advisable to do the sock curl while keeping slightly damp to damp hair instead of wet hair.
  • Instead of leaving them all day, it’s better to leave them overnight.
  • To dampen your hair easily, you can wet the brush and brush it off your hair. This will give your hair a slightly damp effect.
  • Try to use Dry shampoo or conditioner before you start to curl your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What products should you use for sock curls on straight hair?

It’s not mandatory to use styling products, but there’s no stopping either. For straight hair, conditioner can work wonders. You can also use the hair-setting gel and comb it straight. This way will also get you refined and smooth curls. Even though styling products aren’t necessary, using them will obviously make your hair glossier and voluminous.

Can you do sock curls on wet hair?

Yes, it’s possible to do curls on wet hair too. However, wetter hair takes longer to dry, so it’s advised to do on damp hair instead of wet.

How long do you keep sock curls in?

To get full-fledged curls, you should keep them for at least 8 to 9 hours. That’s the reason why it’s preferred to keep them overnight so you can get longer-lasting curls.

Other than that, if you prefer slightly wavy hair, then keeping the hair on standby would take five to six hours at least.

Can you do sock curls with dry hair?

Yes, absolutely! You can follow the whole process of sock curling minus the dampened hair. In fact, you can always try dry spritz locks just before wrapping all the segments of your hair.

On dry hair, stylish products can also be used instead of water while trying sock curling. But initially, it’s advised to use damper hair as it’s difficult to make thick hair curly. However, someone who has thin hair won’t have to worry about dry hair.

Final Words

Great hairstyles have been a medium of fashion and beauty for a long time. To pull off some hairstyles ourselves can help us big time in saving that extra cash spent in salons.

Machines like curling iron have made it possible for us to get some beautiful luscious curls all by ourselves at home now. But the amount of heat damage that follows is hurtful.

At moments like these sock curls have proven to be a great medium of stylish hair. And knowing how to do sock curls is an extra advantage in this case. Hence why we’ve covered all the do’s and don’ts in the article so that you can pull off this heatless technique.