How to Curl Hair With Blow Dryer?

Curly hair is gorgeous and a very sought-after look. Although straighteners and curlers are used to curl hair, some people tend to avoid them because it ends up weakening their hair. Continuous use of them can end up damaging your hair. Is there a better alternative?

Yes. The other alternative is to use blow dryers, it gets the most out of your natural curls and does not compromise the strength of your hair, and can be used to make the best curls. Do not worry, as this article is here to show you how to curl hair with a blow dryer.

Items You’ll Need

Curl Hair With Blow Dryer

While curling blow dryers can be used to curl hair, it alone isn’t enough to ensure the best results. You’ll need a few other items in conjunction with the blow dryers to curl your hair. These include:

Diffuser Attachment

While you can attempt to curl your hair without the use of a diffuser, you’ll find that it won’t be half as effective as using a diffuser. A diffuser helps to spread heat more evenly than a blow dryer nozzle.

If you want to make your straight hair much easier to curl, having an attachment that improves the heating will help you create curls easier.

The diffuser also prevents your hair from getting too hot. This prevents your hair from getting burnt or from damaged and is a much safer way to curl your hair. So using a diffuser attachment is the best way to blow dry your hair. At the same time, it also serves the best to create waves.

Round Curling Hair Brush

One of the most useful items for curling your hair is around a curling hairbrush or commonly known as a round brush. This brush is used to shape your curls and is the easiest brush to work with for shaping wavy hair. Select a small round brush or large round brush depending on the curly look you want. A small round brush is recommended for tightly curly hair.

Any round curling hairbrush will do. Although there are some brushes with heating elements, it is recommended to use ones without them as you are already using a blow dryer. Too much heat with more hot tools can end up weakening your hair which you want to avoid.

Hair Bands or Clips

Having a few hair bands, clips, and hair ties available for use will prove helpful. You can use them to divide and segment parts of your hair, so it is much easier to shape properly. A large clip would require thick hair.

Conditioning Cream

Conditioning cream is optional, but it is mainly used to make your hair easier to shape. If you have thicker hair, conditioning cream can prove to be very useful for you as thicker hair is harder to shape or curl than thin hair.

Hair Spray

One of the harder parts of curling your hair is ensuring your curls stay in shape. To ensure that your curls remain for some time, a small amount of hair spray is used to help your hair set. This will keep your hair from uncurling.

Make sure the hair spray you use is of good quality, as some second-hand hair sprays can cause your hair to shrivel up and fall.


The best time to use a hair dryer to make curls is after a shower. Before you begin to curl your hair, you must take a few preparatory steps which help to smoothen the curling process. During the shower, remember to:

  1. Wash and soak your hair properly, making sure every inch is properly washed.
  2. Remember to apply some shampoo properly to your hair. This will make your hair smooth and silky. This makes it easier to curl and also less likely to be frayed.
  3. If you have thick hair, apply conditioner. Make sure to apply it to the tips of your hair to soften them up.
  4. Apply a small amount of curl cream that will help to give your natural curls.
  5. Carefully comb your hair once you have taken shower. A wide-tooth comb works well to rid of tangles and prevent your hair from getting stuck. Check your hair ends to make sure they aren’t tied together before blow dry your hair. You may use your fingers to detangle and gently shake at the root. Fingers through the root to ensure more volume.
  6. Apply a curl cream or leave-in conditioner to damp hair.

Once you’ve taken the necessary preparations, you can begin to dry and shape your hair. If you don’t want to shower before blow-drying your hair, you can opt to spray water on your hair to make it slightly damp and easier to work with. However, this is less effective for thicker or messy hair.

Heating with a Blow Dryer

The blow dryers or curling hair dryers are great for drying your hair. While the roll about hair dryers you see in Professional Salon a Hair Dryer makes the curling process fast and smooth, you can also do with a normal electric-powered one. only $15. A flat iron uses heat to straighten out the hair, making it appear soft and shiny.

You should set up the hair dryer with the diffuser attachment or use a hair dryer with a curl attachment. Generally, medium heat setting or low setting is used in the hair dryer that curls hair. 

Making Wavy Curls with a Blow Dryer

First, let’s look at how to make wavy curls. These are the easiest curls to make and a popular look. You can achieve this by just using proper blow dryers or curls hair dryers. Follow the steps below to learn how to blow dry wavy hair:


Take the preparatory steps as listed above, making sure to wash your hair properly. Alternatively, you can lightly damp hair by spraying water and comb it thoroughly.

Setup Your Blow Dryer

The next step is to set up your blow dryers. Connect the power cord to a suitable power outlet. Attach the diffuser to your blow dryers.

Properly Divide Your Hair

If you want an easy approach to curling your hair, you should segment it. You can do this with hair bands or pins. For the segment of hair, you want to curl, simply secure it with two pins or bands. Then hold the blow dryers over them.

For thicker or stronger hair, it can be difficult to properly curl or shape it if the segments are long. So for those hair types, you can create smaller segments to make them easier to manage.

Begin Drying

Once you’ve held the hair dryers over the segment of hair you want to dry, you can turn the dryer on with hot air. Medium heat is exactly what you need for the best result. For wavy curly hair, you can remove excess water fully using blow dryers.

One thing to note is to not hold the hair dryers in one place for too long. Instead, swirl it or move it up or down the pinned area. Holding it in one area can damage your hair.

Fold the Hair Upwards

Slowly fold or curl your hair upwards and continue to heat it with a blow dryer. Continue to do this until dry.

Release the Pins

When your hair is completely dry, you can release the pins and let them loose to reveal wavy hair.

Setting It With Hairspray

If you’re worried about your curls weakening or loose waves, you can use hairspray on the curls to let them set. Hairspray will help you keep the curls for several hours.

Curling Your Hair with Blow Dryer and Round Brush

Next, we’ll show you how to curl hair with a blow dryer and round brush. The advantage of this method is that you have more freedom in designing and shaping the curls. Although it is a little more difficult than the first method to do if you don’t have practice curling hair, this method usually wields the best results and is the most versatile.

To do this method, you will need both a blow dryer with a diffuser and a round brush. Then follow the steps below:


Once again, for this method, you should make the proper preparations. Light damp or soak your hair with some water and resort to a conditioner for thicker hair if needed.

Clip The Two Sections

To make it easier to work with, divide your hair horizontally into two sections. Separate the upper section of hair using small elastic hair ties with a band or clip. Hair ties segment each section of hair to make sure they don’t interfere with the rest of your hair during the curing process.

Use The Round Brush

Next, take a segment of the hair you want to curl and place the round brush in the middle of that section. Then you can proceed to brush downwards, and this will cause the hair to curl. Keep curling until you reach the end of the strands, and then lightly twirl the brush away.

Use The Blow Dryer

While you are curling the hair with the round brush, use the blow dryers on the brush. Make sure you have it set to medium heat. Try to match the movement of the blow dryer with your brush. The brush getting heated up will help the curls stay in place.


Continue curling and using the blow dryers until they are dry. You can repeat this process for other sections of hair to achieve the desired blow-dry hairstyle. Apply cold setting once you are done styling.

Setting With Hairspray

If you feel that the curls have not been properly set, you can use the round brush in conjunction with a hair spray to ensure the curls stay in shape. Twirl the brush to create the curls, and then apply hair spray to the area.

Tips You Should Follow

We spoke with some celebrity hairstylists and asked them to share some expert tips that you might find helpful when you’re trying to blow dry your hair. Remember to:

  1. If your hair is very sensitive to heat, consider using a heat protectant on your hair to protect it from heat damage.
  2. Using a good heat diffuser is the best way to blow drying frizzy hair straight. Even heating ensures that no frizzes occur, so consider investing in one if you haven’t already.
  3. When using a round brush, remember to twirl when releasing your hair. This helps to keep the curls in shape and makes them easier to set when using a spray.
  4. Be careful not to over-dry your hair. Stop the blow dryer immediately once you see that the hair is no longer damp. Totally dry hair is very hard to work with and gets frayed easily.
  5. Be meticulous and use a wide-tooth comb. Finding out your hair is tangled while curling will not only result in a sloppy job but also weakens your hair.
  6. When using a round brush, one thing you should keep in mind is that the size of your curl depends on the size of the brush. A large round brush can create bigger curls.
  7. When using Towel drying or air drying, your hair removes as much moisture as possible. You can roughly blow dry for a while to remove excess water. For root volume, blow-dry over directing your roots placing strands and roots upwards.
  8. when your hair is between 70% to 90% dry, switch to the cool setting and continue drying it.


As you can see with this guide on how to curl hair with a blow dryer, it is not too difficult to achieve beautiful-looking curls. However, it does take some practice, so don’t be discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t go well.

Using a blow dryer to curl hair doesn’t weaken or damage, so learning to use it is very worthwhile.

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