What Is Ionic Hair Dryer?

A traditional hair dryer do a fairly decent job at shaping and molding hair just the way people want. However, while the short-term result may be a beautiful finish, the damage done to the hair by these devices is noticeable down the road. If people want to care for their hair gently and avoid as … Read more

Do Hair Dryers Kill Lice?

Millions of people all over the world face problems with lice infestations. It doesn’t matter where you come from, whether it’s a developed country or a developing country. People get lice in their hair all the time. It’s the same as animals getting fleas in their fur. The first thing you need to know is … Read more

Is the Dyson Hair Dryer Worth It?

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How Hot Does a Hair Dryer Get?

If you like keeping your hair in the best of shapes, you’ll always end up relying on a hair dryer. As useful as a hair dryer, one should note that using it badly will result in damaging your hair. Since hair dryers utilize a heating mechanism, you might wonder how hot does a hair dryer … Read more

How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser?

We all hate it when we are drying or styling our naturally curly hair with a blow dryer, and the dryer just makes the hair frizzier than it naturally is. Getting frizzy hair or having our natural waves disrupted is something that makes us all annoyed and even ruins our looks. The hair diffuser is … Read more