10 Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair [2023Guide Review]

Having curly hair is perfect but when it is about to style it is a different story. Specially most of us are in a great hurry to spend an hour to dry wet hair and style it on our own way.

To move with the trend and have the finest hairstyles, you need to best accessories, which is like finding a needle in a haystack. Our purpose is to narrow down the list from the tons of hair dryers and thousands of features.

Here, you will find ten product reviews, and each of them is worthy of being called the best hair dryer for curly hair.

10 Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair

Did you say you wanted the best? Well, it is challenging to name one as different hair types demand different features and different people’s choices are not the same either but still, we got you covered with this below list of ten of the best hair dryer for curly hair.

As you are looking for a hairdryer that will let you match your hairstyle to the latest trend, there are the best sections of hair for you.

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer- Best Hair Dryer for Naturally Curly Hair: best curly hair dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Are you looking for a top-notch hairdryer for your curly hair? Well, look no further as we might have the perfect item for you. The Dyson supersonic hair dryer is an exceptional product that is going to let you make your look more natural, fuller and healthier hair.

Quick Summary
  • Offers three variants of magnetic attachments, which are the styling concentrator, diffuser, and smoothing nozzle
  • Has three speed settings and four heat settings including a cold-shot feature
  • Intelligent heat control measures temperature 40 times a second
  • Removable filter cage
  • Light weight balanced design makes it easy to handle

With the supersonic, you can set your hair in any way using the three attachments. Each of the attachments is suitable for different purposes, especially the diffuser to diffuse curly hair. The airflow when using the diffuser is going to be pretty even. This is why it is the ideal hair dryer for people with curled hair.

Besides, it comes with three different airspeeds. Therefore, authorizing you to pick the flow intensity that is going to perfect for the task at hand. Four heat settings from 212°F for, 176°F, 140°F, and cool shot button.

Furthermore, the unit comes with an exceptional heat control system, which checks the temperature 40 times in a second. Due to that, the hair dryer certifies full safety for your hair strands.

If that is not all, after setting your hair, you can use the hairdryers to make sure your hair stays in place. It has a cool shot button, which emits cold air at 82°F.

2. Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hairdryer-best dryer curly hair:best hair dryers for blowing out curly hair

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hairdryer

Drying curly hair and styling is affordable with a D3190 hair dryer. This unit is up for grabs for anyone with wavy or curly hair! Its advanced coating technology and micro conditioner technology make sure hair protection with healthier hair.

Quick Summary
  • It is a ceramic technology & advanced ionic technology hair dryer
  • Comes with a diffuser and a concentrator
  • 3 heat & 2 airflow settings options to serve different purposes for different hair type
  • Cold shot airflow to lock in the style
  • Claims to have 3X times more protection to your hair
  • Tourmaline technology emits far infrared heat to ensure the safety of the hair cuticle

First of all, intense direct heat towards your hair is a no-no. However, the D3190 offers overall protection to your hair. You should know it has a special coating that bestows your hair with more protection.

Therefore, it certifies the exceptional safety of your cuticles and ultimately gives you frizz-free curls, healthy-looking hair, and shiny hair.

Also, it arrives with all the essential settings to ensure the good hair dryers get the job done! It has three heat settings, two-speed configurations as well as a cool shot button option. Air temperature can be controlled. That’s why if you have this bad boy with you, then you would be able to set your hair any way you want.

Other than that, the hair dryers is one of those few dryers that ensure the total safety of the user. Its ceramic build, along with the negative ions and ceramic technology, ensures full protection to its users.

3. Andis 81205 Tourmaline Ceramic-Ionic Styling Hairdryer- Best Ionic Hair Dryer for Curly Hair: best tourmaline hair dryer for curly hair

Andis 81205 Tourmaline Ceramic-Ionic Styling Hairdryer

This ionic dryer comes in a different shape than the other dryers in the market. It uses ceramic technology to preserves natural oils and seals in moisture – creating smooth, silky, frizz-free hair. Sleek design, attractive features make it a strong contender today.

Quick Summary
  • Has a tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Three slide-on attachments are soft-bristle attachment, wide tooth comb and fine tooth comb
  • Cool shot button to lock in style
  • 3 heat/speed option for styling
  • The Ionic dryer method of the unit enhances the already exceptional drying prowess of the item even more

Well, one of the most noteworthy features of this unit is its ceramic build and ionic drying process. Due to the tourmaline ceramic construction, the unit regulates the temperatures and offers efficient drying of your hair.

Moreover, the Ionic drying process uses positive and negative ions to dry hair. The process is absurdly fast. !

Besides, the unit comes with three slide-on attachments. These will enable you to get the look that you need to rock a dress.

By the way, the hairdryer also ensures average maximum temperature & protection to your hair strands. You see, the Ceramic design prevents the air from overheating and, therefore, protects your hair as well as lets them retain its natural color and textured hair.

It’s one of the best tourmaline hair dryers for curled hair you can get. It’s got a great design, it dries quickly and you don’t have to worry about your curls getting hair from damage. but don’t work well with thin hair.

4. Elchim Classic 2001 Blow Dryer- Best Type of Hair Dryer for Curly Hair: best hair dryers curly

Elchim Classic 2001 Blow Dryer

Elchim is a hair styling company serving professional heavy duty products since 1945. Their 2001 is a true classic developed and made in Italy. It is designed with a powerful AC motor for professional heavy-duty guarantees 2000 hours and lifetime warranty support.

Quick Summary
  • Features a narrow and concentrator nozzle, which ensures the airflow is even and provides quick and potent drying
  • Ensures natural and good shine without any harm to your hair, which is due to its micro conditioner coating
  • Sally used a blow dryer to make her hair look and feel healthier
  • 2 speed/airflow options with 3 heating options

The Elchin Classic 2001 super curly hair dryer ensures frisk-free and natural shine in your hair. You would be glad to know that the Ceramic build and micro conditioner layer ensure that the airflow is regulated, which prevents any unwanted to your hair damage.

It also makes sure that your hair has its natural feel and shine.

Moving on, the blow hair dryer comes with different airflow settings. With these settings, you can set it up at the right airflow intensity, and enjoy salon quality styling at home. The concentrator nozzle ensures that the air is coming out evenly and going to pinpoint accuracy when styling your hair.

5. Revlon 1875W infrared heat One-step hair dryer- Best Travel Hair Dryer for Curly Hair: Best Hair Dryer for Curly Frizzy hair

Revlon 1875W infrared heat One-step hair dryer

Whether you’re in search of the best travel blow dryer for curly hair, an easy-to-use brush, or a pro blowout every few days–we’ve got what you need.

Revlon infrared heat one-step hair dryer wanted to offer you the smooth hair and most efficient hairdryer. That is why they came up with this one. It uses 1875 watts to operate. Such high wattage means that this gem offers high and intense airflow.

Not only is this a powerful hair dryer, but it has several other noteworthy features.

Quick Summary
  • Highlights two heat and speed settings
  • Attached smoothing concentrator, volumizing diffuser, and 3 sectioning clips.
  • Comes with a tourmaline ionic dryer & infrared heating technology which permits the unit to dry your hair faster and get rid of fizziness, but retains the natural moisture, touch, and shine
  • Has a cold-shot button
  • It also cut hair dry time by about 50%

Of all the things available in the industry, this one is arguably one of the most convenient for you. It has a very petite design that lets you station it anywhere in your bag and carry it wherever you go. Plus, because of the build, you can move it quite effortlessly.

Except for this, the airflow of the unit is top-notch. It arrives with two heat/two-speed settings that permit you to choose the right intensity for the task. This has a cold-shot button & non damaging infrared heat, which will make sure that your hair stays in place after you are done setting.

Other than that, the tourmaline with ion technology build ensures the highest protection to your cuticles, and the hair frizzy is eliminated.

6. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium IONIC- Best Babyliss Hair Dryer for curly hair: best dryer for curly hair

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium IONIC

In this generation, time is everything. No one has the liberty to spend too much time on anything, let alone getting dressed.

So, the best option for your lightweight dryer, the BaBylissPro Nano titanium hair dryers. You see, it offers a recording-breaking fast air drying speed and also makes sure that your hair is not hurt during the process.

Quick Summary
  • Has a powerful engine that requires 2000-watts to operate
  • Attached smoothing concentrator
  • The ionic drying process ensures that you can swiftly get your hair dried but does not damage your hair
  • Construction is compact and is lightweight
  • It has 6 heat and speed option including a cold shot
  • Control your frizz and Manages thick hair very well

It comes with six different speed/heat settings. Because of that, you can pick the right one for the task. If any heat setting is causing you discomfort, then you can just change it and get the right hair dryer temperature and air pressure.

With that, you can finally control your frizz and manages thick curly hair very well. By the way, this unit is might good for your hair!

It was designed to grant you the best performance minus the heat damage.

7. Bed Head curls Diffuser Hairdryer 1875Watts- Best Hair Dryers for Frizzy Curly Hair

Bed Head curls Diffuser Hairdryer 1875Watts

The look of this Bed Head check diffuser hair dryer is pretty interesting. It has a funky and lucrative color scheme. The purple and green texture of the item is ideal for someone who likes living in a funky manner.

Nevertheless, even though it has an unorthodox appearance, the functionality outputted by the unit makes it one of the best in the business.

Quick Summary
  • Needs 1875 watt power to operate
  • Comes with a detachable diffuser attachment
  • Tourmaline, ionic technology for frizz-free hair drying with enhanced volume and shine
  • Has three heat and two fan speeds along with a cold-shot function

One of the things that makes this a must-have unit is its power. It has an 1875-watt usage, which allows you to use the unit and get the best performance.

Also, its versatile three airflow options and heat settings will enable you to use the item and get the look that is suited for a specific dress.

Furthermore, it comes with a detachable diffuser attachment. The diffuser will let you style curly hair in any way you want. All you have to do is attach it when needed.

if you decide to go for natural curls on occasion, just remove the diffuser and blow-dry your hair.

8. Jinri Infrared Sterilization Hairdryer- Best Rated Hair Dryer for Curly Hair: best professional hair dryers for curly hair

Jinri Infrared Sterilization Hairdryer

Jinri’s product is ideal for professional salon hair dryers. If you want, you can keep the item in your home and have your own personal mini salon. The thing offers you a wide array of pros and attributes, which we shall grant you everything you wish from your hairdryer.

Quick Summary
  • The 3 Heats/2 Speeds setting features a cool shot button to quickly initiate faster drying for various hair textures
  • 1875W hair dryer with powerful AC motor offer a quick drying performance
  • Attached diffuser and concentrator for wide range styling
  • Preserves the natural moisture on your hair, and strands look shiny
  • Non damaging infrared heat with ionic technology

Ceramic technology was used in its construction. Due to that, the item has a much more efficient and smoother heat transfer. Thus, prevent your hair from getting heat damage and also confirms that it retains its natural moisture and looks.

Besides, it has two attachments, which are going to provide you with versatile usage.

Moreover, it has three heat settings. Hence, you can choose the ideal temperature intensity for the task at hand.

It has two fan modes, high and moderate, with a cold-shot function. Using these two, you can dry your hair strands in no time and set your hair in a matter of minutes.

9. Drybar Double Shot Blow-dryer Brush- Best Hair Dryer brush for Thin Curly Hair: best hairdryers brush for natural curly hair

Drybar Double Shot Blow-dryer Brush-

Why go for a brush and hair dryer when you can have them both at once? Yes, you read that right! This gem is a two-in-one blow-dryer, which is also a round brush. If you can get your hands on this gem, then you would be ending up with an item that will give you the perks of both a brush and a hairdryer.

Quick Summary
  • The air vents are at the bristles for drying effects and even heat distribution
  • Has three temperature settings
  • Oval shape and curved edge designed to maximize volume and smooth finish
  • Best for all hair types including curly, straight and wavy hair
  • The ionic technology ensures to seal your hair cuticles

The air vents of the unit are on the surface, which is good for heat distribution. So, whenever you are brushing your hair, you can use the hairdryer mode to ensure that your hair dries quickly.

Moving on, the ionic technology guarantees to seal your cuticles and renders a more nice, shinier texture and fuller-looking strands even after blow-drying time.

By the way, the unit has three temperature settings. You can use a high heat setting or medium-heat setting to dry your hair.

you can use the cool button feature to ensure that your hair stays in shape. The airflow of these blow dryers is perfect, and you can dry hair very quickly.

Lastly, its lightweight build allows effortless maneuvering and precise control.

10. Hot Tools Professional 1875-Watt Turbo ionic volume hair Dryer- Best Hair Dryer for Men’s Curly Hair

Hot Tools Professional 1875-Watt Turbo ionic

Few dryers can compare with this one. It has a bunch of perks and features, which makes it one of the finest in the business. Do you want to know what they are? Well, check the quick summary!

Quick Summary
  • The ionic technology ensures that your hair feels fuller
  • Is made up of tourmaline
  • 6 heat/speed option with a cold-shot feature
  • Comes with attached concentrator and PIK for straightening whiling styling

Hot tools professional volume hair dryer used ion technology by the unit assures that your cuticles are sealed. What this does is allows your hair to retain its natural color, shine, and texture, which makes your look gorgeous.

Moreover, it has a superb tourmaline build, which offers more efficient and effective drying.

Besides, it comes with two more extra attachments, which will grant you a more versatile and efficient operation of the unit. This will let you try out the trendiest looks and is the perfect styling tooling.

In addition to that, it gives you loads of other pros and attributes that you can enjoy at very affordable pricing.

Picking the Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair!

We have provided you with 10 of the best products found in the industry!

However, if you are wondering which of them is the finest among the finest, then we would have to say that Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the best dryer for curly natural hair.

Not only is it an ideal hair dryers for curly, but it is perfect for all variants of hairs.

we can assure you that it is going to offer you all the pros and this will help you to style yourself as you desire.

Now, are you ready to become the new talk of the town? Then get going and get this unit before the stock runs out.