10 Best Blow Dryer for Thick Curly Hair in 2023

You’re running late for the office, you’ve just taken a shower, and you got thick curls. So, you can’t dry your hair naturally fast enough to catch your ride in time. In such cases, only the right blow dryer will help you out.

However, there are hundreds of different models to choose from, which can get a bit confusing.

Fear not, for we’re sharing our top ten candidates for the best blow dryer for thick curly hair in this article. We’ve come up with these choices through extensive research, and we’re confident that none of them will disappoint you.

10 Best Blow Dryer for Thick Curly Hair

Below, you’ll find the best products that we’ve come across through our research. So, let’s get to it!

1.Dryber Buttercup Ionic Blow Dryer:best blow dryer for curly thick hair

Dryber Buttercup Ionic Blow Dryer

Quick Summary
  • Wave heater technology ensures even heat distribution
  • Lightweight build makes it suitable for long use
  • Multiple heats and power settings for versatility
  • Included concentrated nozzles will let you customize airflow

To start with, we have the Buttercup blow dryer. Coming in a vibrant yellow, this hair dryer performs just as well as it looks good. Equipped with a 1875w motor, this hairdryer can help you gain frizz-free blow-dried hair 20% faster than regular hair dryers.

Most people complain that ionic dryers can’t heat evenly. To solve that problem, this ionic dryer comes with a wave heater that ensures even heat distribution. Thanks to ionic technology, this dryer can reduce frizz and seal your cuticles while drying your hair.

It provides great value in terms of portability as well. The cord is of high quality and is 9 feet in length; this feature will help you operate at a considerable distance from the energy socket.

Moreover, the lightweight design makes it easy to use. As it weighs only .51 kg, it won’t stress your hands out from over-usage; this makes it perfect for those with thick and curly hair.

2.T3-Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

T3-Cura Luxe Hair Dryer

Quick Summary
  • Emits the air in a spiral pattern for maximum heat distribution
  • Offers the maximum possible customizability
  • Auto switch-off technology can make life much easier
  • Proprietary ionizer works much better than regular ones

Next up, we have the Cura Luxe from T3. This hair dryer provides one of the most innovative designs, and it’s packed with features that you won’t find in any other product.

The plastic body is colored white, while the hardware is rose gold, giving it an elegant look. What makes this unique is the construction. It offers proprietary T3 Digital Ionair technology, which performs better than regular ionizers.

Due to the construction of this hairdryer, the air emits in a spiral pattern; this ensures an even heat distribution that can keep your hairs healthy over time.

As for the customizability, it offers five heat settings, two-speed settings, a volume booster, and a lock-in cool shot. We haven’t found such a wide variety of customizability from any other hairdryer. It’s lightweight, so you won’t face any difficulty using it if you have long hair.

3.Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer

Quick Summary
  • Heat and temperature parameters can be controlled precisely
  • The drying power provided by this hairdryer is unparalleled, and it isn’t harmful to your hair at all
  • Comes with three versatile magnetic attachments that’ll let you customize airflow and are easy to use
  • Built-in intelligent heat sensor will regulate air temperature for 40 seconds and will make changes accordingly

If you’re looking for a professional salon hairdryer and don’t mind spending a ton of cash on it, we highly recommend going for this one from Dyson. The Supersonic hair dryer offers a flashy yet sleek look, and the purple paint job complements its design perfectly.

What’s unique about this hairdryer is the intelligent heat control, with which it can measure the air temperature and adjusts accordingly. It also comes with a range of interchangeable attachments. These can help you customize the airflow to suit your hairstyle.

Thanks to the unique design, this hairdryer is very light and ergonomic. It’s one of the most comfortable hair dryers to dry your hair with. This one is noiseless as well, so you won’t face any problem using it.

4.BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer

Quick Summary
  • There are three heat and three-speed settings along with a cold shot button, making it a versatile option
  • Comes with a concentrator nozzle that can help you focus the airflow on a specific strand
  • The max wattage is 2000w, meaning it’s suitable for thick and long hair
  • One of the most affordable blow dryers on the market

BaByliss is famous for providing top-notch products at a reasonable price, and the Pro hairdryer holds its reputation up pretty well. This hair dryer comes at an affordable price, but it still offers enough amazing features to compete with the expensive picks.

There are two buttons on the handle that can be accessed easily with your thumb. Each button offers three settings that’ll let you control the speed and the heat. There’s also a cold shot button located upwards on the handle, and it provides a different tactile feel.

It’s equipped with nano titanium technology and a regular ion generator. Still, it’s capable of providing well heat distribution. It’s a 2000-watt hairdryer, so it’ll be able to dry even the thickest and curliest hair fast.

5.Harry josh pro tools pro 2000 dryer

Harry josh pro tools pro 2000 dryer

Quick Summary
  • Designed to support all hair types
  • Weighs less than a pound, making it one of the lightest hair dryers on the market
  • The ergonomic design makes it easy to work with over long hours
  • Extremely energy-efficient, making it the perfect dryer for salons

Harry Josh provides reliable healthcare products, and their Pro 2000 dryer is an amazing hairdryer. If you work with hairdryers for an extended period, this will suit you well as it’s completely noiseless.

Because of it being slow, don’t mistake it for a slow hairdryer. It’s equipped with a motor that can provide a maximum speed of 94mph, and that too, consistently. So, it can provide a short drying time.

Another major strength of this hairdryer is its versatility. No matter what your hair type is, oily, frizzy, thick, or fine, you’ll be able to dry your hair with it properly.

It also comes with a dual filtration system that we haven’t found in any other hairdryer. This system keeps the energy consumed in check, making it one of the few eco-friendly hair dryers on the market.

6.HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Salon Hair Dryer

Quick Summary
  • Uses proprietary ionizer that provides healthy and shiny hair
  • Offers six-speed/heat settings and a cold shot button
  • Equipped with ceramic technology that makes it much healthier than most hair dryers
  • Provided attachments will let you customize the airflow for any hair type

Although not a top-ranked hairdryer, this product from Hot Tools received a great deal of love over the years for offering amazing value for money. If you have heavy budget constraints, then this is the one you should get.

This hair dryer is equipped with direct ionic technology, which is proprietary to the company. With this, the dryer will provide shiny and healthy-looking hair with every application.

Despite being cheap, it offers great customizability. There are six options that you can choose from, and each option offers a different combination of speed and heat. Moreover, there’s a cold shot button placed ergonomically, and it works like a charm.

Other than these, you’ll get different attachments that’ll help you concentrate and diffuse the airflow, allowing you to get the type of natural hair you’re looking for.

7.Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

Quick Summary
  • Offers three controls for setting the speed and the heat, and there’s a cold shot button
  • Combines ionic and ceramic technology for providing non-frizzy and healthy hair
  • Offers great customizability for making it suitable for all sorts of hair
  • There’s a removable filter that can help you prevent lint buildup

The Conair 1875 is an 1875-watt hair dryer that offers a combination of ionic and ceramic technology. Even though it creates negative ions with the ionizer, it reflects them with the infused ceramic technology. The ceramic technology emits far-infrared rays that help heat up your hair without damaging it.

If you want sleek, shiny hair and don’t want to spend much on a hairdryer, then this is one of the best choices you’ve got. This hair dryer will help you condition all types of hair. Due to the ionic technology, the dryer won’t cause frizzy hair.

With this hair dryer, you can choose from four different speed and heat options, and each set is specially formed to help you dry delicate/thin, average/thick, thick/wavy, and textured/curly hair.

8.Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Quick Summary
  • Equipped with micro conditioners and advanced coating technology that provides healthy hair
  • Three heat settings, two-speed settings, and a cold shot button makes it customizable
  • Can dry your hair very fast with the 1875w motor
  • The filter can be removed and cleaned easily

Effective, efficient, and reasonable, the D3190 from Remington contains all the features you may expect from an affordable pick.

It comes with a 1875w motor that’s capable of drying thick curly hairs effectively. Even though the wattage may not be the highest, this device can provide a fast drying time with its efficient design.

Although it offers three heat settings, it offers only two-speed settings, along with a cool shot. Even though it provides fewer speed settings than regular hairdryers, it can get the job done pretty well.

It’s also equipped with micro-conditioners and an advanced coating that will keep your hair safe from the heat. There’s also a removable hair filter that’s very easy to clean, so it will help you keep the device clean and make it perform with maximum efficiency all the time.

9.Bed Head Curls in Check 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer

Bed Head Curls in Check 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer

Quick Summary
  • Ceramic technology makes it safe for long use
  • Offers a large drying surface for drying a lot of hair at once
  • Three heat settings and two-speed settings let you customize it
  • The diffuser can be removed

Curly hair requires special attachments for proper drying, and this dryer from Bed Head Curls offers the most suitable one. The included diffuser dryer can help you dry even the thickest and curliest hairs easily.

It offers three heat settings and two-speed settings to help you customize the air type. Once you heat your hair, you can use the chill button to blow some cold air to help you set the style. It provides a large drying surface that can cover a lot of area at once, allowing you to dry your hair faster.

This hair dryer is equipped with tourmaline ceramic technology that can boost the shine on your hair. Other than that, this also helps in reducing the frizz of your hair. We highly recommend this one because it’s built specifically for curly hair.

10.GHD Air Hair Dryer, Powerful 1600W Professional Strength Blow Dryer

GHD Air Hair Dryer, Powerful 1600W Professional Strength Blow Dryer

Quick Summary
  • Equipped with advanced ionic technology that can reduce frizz and provide a smooth and shiny finish without damaging your hair
  • The ergonomic design makes it suitable for both right and left-handed users
  • Built for efficiency, these blow dryers can dry your hair twice as fast as any salon dryer

If you’re looking for a salon-type finish in your home, and that too in half the time, then you should try this one from GHD. It’s a powerful blow dryer that’s made with strength in mind.

This dryer comes with advanced ionic technology that can reduce frizz and give your hair a sleek and shiny finish. Despite being heavy, these are very easy to use, thanks to their ergonomic design.

The only drawback with these hair dryers is that their speed and heat can’t be controlled. There are two on/off buttons for turning the speed and fan on, and that’s it.

Even without the fine-tuning, this hair dryer can provide a quality drying experience, and it’s one of the fastest ones out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is a hairdryer with high wattage better than one with lower wattage?

A higher wattage doesn’t make a hairdryer better for everyone. Typically, hairdryers can come with the highest wattage rating of 2200w, and these are known to provide the highest temperature. However, increasing the heat may not be the solution in every case.

The key is to find a drying power that complements your hairstyle. If the heat settings of your present hairdryer aren’t working well for you, try one with greater air power.

2.Which is better for the hair: ionic or ceramic hair dryers?

Experts deem ceramic hair dryers as safer than ionic ones. The ionic dryers emit negatively charged ions and create an electromagnetic field that can be harmful to your hair over long periods of exposure. On the other hand, ceramic hair dryers give off a gentler heat.

Then again, some hair dryers come with a combination of ceramic and ionic technology. In our opinion, these are the best as they provide the best from both worlds. You’ll get the non-frizzy treatment from ionic technology with the harmless heat radiation of ceramic technology.

3.Can your dryer protect thick hair from drying out?

It depends on whether your hair is already dry at that time or not. Thick or not, if you apply heat directly on dry hair with a hairdryer, then it’ll become more brittle, dull, dry, and will be more prone to breakage. It means that it won’t protect your thick hair from drying out.

4.How powerful does a hair dryer need to be?

There’s no specific power rating that you must adhere to. We all are blessed with different types of hairs, and finding the power rating that complements your hair properly is of paramount importance.

For starters, we highly recommend getting a hairdryer that offers heat and wind power adjustability. These will provide the flexibility you require to experiment with different settings so that you can find what works for you and what doesn’t.

Almost all the products reviewed in this article contain multiple speed and heat settings. However, if you have thick hair, you should look for a hairdryer with a high wattage.

5.What causes frizzy hair?

Multiple factors can cause frizzy hair, and these are genetics, humidity, and physical damage. However, how frizzy your hair will get depends completely on your hair’s texture, style, and hair care routine.

That is why it’s not possible to answer this question so simply. Both dryness and humidity can lead to frizzy hair. If you’re worried about humidity, then check out any online humidity frizz index forecast and try using an anti-humidity spray.

If dryness is causing your problem, try moisturizing your hair thoroughly when you shower.

Picking the Best Blow Dryer for Thick Curly Hair for You

Now that you’ve taken a look at the top 10 products, it’s time to pick the best blow dryer for thick curly hair that can suit you best. Needless to say, a product that’s great for others might not be suitable for you. To ascertain that it works for you, you need to consider a ton of factors.

However, we firmly believe that the Dryber Buttercup Ionic Blow Dryer is the best product the market has to offer, and you certainly won’t regret getting it. If you don’t want to spend money experimenting with multiple products and just want something that works for sure, go for that one!

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