Top 10 Best Blow Dryer for Curly Hair Diffusers

If you have curls, then the best way to dry them would be to allow them to dry naturally. However, while it’s the best option for you, it’s not always possible or practical to do. Different hair types require different solutions.

Even if the winter weather is too cold for you to be able to hang your damp hair out, or if you’ve just washed your hair before work, it’s imperative to have the best blow dryer with ceramic and ionic technology on hand.

The sad part is that not every hairdryer does justice to curly and wavy hair; this is why we gathered together 10 of the best blow dryer for curly hair diffusers and not just brag about the Dyson supersonic hairdryer. 

10 Best Blow Dryer For CurlyHair Diffusers Reviews

If you have curly hair, you probably have experienced those shoddy hair dryers making a frizzy ball of damage out of your gorgeous bed head curls. You know how annoying it gets if you have.

So it’s time you invest your money into better options, and we have just the right thing for you. Here are some of the best hair dryers for you.

1. Dryber Bouncer Diffuser-best blow dryer for diffusing curly hair

Bouncer Diffuser

This diffuser by Drybar is a universal fit on almost all brands of the best hair dryers. It comes with a 2-inch diameter nozzle, the typical nozzle size. Interestingly, it reduces the speed of the airflow coming out of your hair dryer, but it also broadens the air out.

What this means for your hair is that it’ll dry a bit more gently, and you can define your curls even more. It’ll also help reduce the frizziness in your hair if it’s naturally curly.

This hair dryer diffuser was mainly made to be used with the Baby Buttercup and Buttercup hair dryers. If you have one, go for it.

With this diffuser, you won’t just get hot air from your ionic technology, and you’ll be getting the confidence and happiness that both you and your hair deserve, regardless of the hair type.

The creators of the Tourmaline Ceramic Technology blow-dry know a lot when it comes to fighting the frizziness in your hair, as it lets your hair’s natural texture shine through.

2. Hot Shock Diffuser-best blow dryer for curly hair with diffuser

Hot Sock Diffuser

If you’re looking for an excellent light diffuser, you do not have to look further. The Hot Sock Diffuser isn’t only good for the natural bed head curls of your hair, but you can also use this diffuser with wavy and permed hair, and it’ll still offer you the perfect results.

Your hair will look unhealthy when you keep blowing the warm air from the hair dryer directly onto it. With the Hot Sock diffuser ionic technology, make sure that your hair stays and looks healthy.

This diffuser by Hot Sock is something that will work perfectly fine even if you pick it up to use in a salon. It’s an extraordinarily versatile diffuser that you can easily use at home and pick it up with you to travel.

Plus, this device also has a standard nozzle that you can use with almost every type of good hair dryer. Hair tools make the diffuser easier to use since you do not always have to carry about your hair dryer.

3. Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser-best blow dryer with diffuser for curly hair

Bio ionic diffuser

Most of the time, some diffusers out there will slow the airflow from the best hair dryers. However, this hair dryer diffuser by Bio Ionic does something different. It comes with a total of 12 air outlets with a cool shot button, and this allows for you to have a faster time for drying.

This diffuser attachment is compatible with the Gold Pro Speed Dryer, the 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer, and the PowerLight Pro Dryer.

If you’re thinking of buying this diffuser for your hair dryer, you should double-check if the size of the nozzle matches up as you dry your hair. The nozzle on this Bio Ionic diffuser is around 2.5 inches in diameter.

You can slide this Bio Ionic hair dryer diffuser if you don’t want your hair to be frizzy when using hair dryers. Keep all vents open to get the maximum airflow out of this diffuser. To lessen the flow of air depending on the hair type, you can turn the dial.

Last but not least, this diffuser is very durable, lightweight, and not to mention, heat resistant.

4. Hot Tools Pro Signature Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Hair Dryer

HOT TOOLS Signature Series Ionic 2200

The Pro Signature Ionic 2200 Turbo Ceramic Hair Dryer by Hot Tools is one of the best hair dryers that you can get for your hair. Its speed settings offer you fast drying for your hair with its power flow of air.

With the 1875 watts of energy, you can bet on this hair dryer being powerful and drying your hair out fast.

It comes with six different settings for speed, as well as heat. Moreover, this hair dryer is also lightweight, so you can easily carry it with you if you’re traveling. It can give you the shiny and healthy-looking finish on your hair that everyone wants.

This diffuser attachment has all the versatility you need, be it curly hair or thick hair, and it also comes with a Cold Shot button for long-lasting holds.

The great thing is that this hair dryer comes with a diffuser and concentrator attachments, and you’re also given a removable lint filter to have easier cleaning. The high-performance drying of wavy and curly hair is definitely on par with salon-quality performance and it also has heat protectant.

5. Conair Volumizer Diffuser Hair Dryer Attachment

Conair Volumizing Diffuser Hair Dryer

This hair dryer diffuser by Conair can dry off your hair quite efficiently and quickly. It dries your hair off gently. If you’re looking to create some molded or sculpted styles, then this diffuser is something that you should go with.

You can attach this diffuser to almost any hair dryer that you want. It fits perfectly and works great with wavy, curly, and even permed hair. With Conair, you can avoid unwanted frizz while simply pressing the cool shot button, ensuring that your naturally curly hair and waves are healthy.

Conair is one of the few trusted brands that you can rely on when it comes to the health and safety of your hair. They have been making innovative hair styling tools, small innovative appliances, and more. With the three heat settings, it is a great option to consider.

If you have a blow dryer from Conair, this diffuser will most likely fit there. It has quite a range of options for you to choose from.

6. Bed Head Curls 1875 Watt Diffuser-best blow dryer and diffuser for curly hair

Bed Head Curls in Check Diffuser Hair Dryer

This blow dryer comes with all the good things you want from one. You get the Tourmaline Technology and the Ceramic Technology from the hair dryer.

The diffuser cool shot button can tame the frizziness of wavy or curly hair with ease, but it also boosts the shine in your hair.

You can set the style you want with the Chill Out button, and pressing the button will release cool air. If you have naturally curly locks, you should look at this Diffuser Dryer since it was made especially for girls with curly hair.

The Chill Out button is not the only feature you get with this, you also have two-speed settings to work with, and you also get three heat settings.

If you want to use the Diffuser Dryer to help you with faster drying, you can also use this drying process without the diffuser attachment.

If you get yourself a wide-tooth comb attachment with it, you’re set! People can often also worry that the power cord is short on many hair dryers, but this one gives you a whole 6 feet of swivel cord.

7. Segbeauty Hair Diffuser-best blow dryer diffuser curly hair

Segbeauty Store Hair Diffuser

This hair diffuser by Segbeauty is something to look at. It comes with 114 air vents, and it also has multiple teeth. What this means for your hair is that it will not have any more unwanted frizziness. The air vents and teeth ensure an even distribution of airflow and heat from this diffuser preventing heat damage.

This diffuser comes with three different modes that anyone can adjust easily. It would help if you spun the nozzle on the diffuser, and then you could change the heat and the airflow to what suits your hair better.

The intelligent heat control works by spreading the air stream in a more controlled way over a wider area. Bring back more curls and waves to your hair!

While this does have so many unique features for your hair, one thing is missing. This ionic technology diffuser isn’t universal, and you’ll be able to fit this diffuser into hair dryers with a nozzle size of 1.73 to 1.77 inches.

8. Yunai Blow Dryer Diffuser-best blow dryer diffuser for curly hair

YUNAI Blow Dryer Diffuser

The silicone collapsible blow dryer diffuser by Yunai is made out of a collapsible silicone material. This diffuser hair dryer is durable and sturdy.

Still, it’s also resistant to high temperatures, which can mean that you can use this diffuser for a longer time without worrying about it being deformed, getting worn out, or heat damage.

To evenly dry out your hair, all you need is to put this diffuser on your infrared heat settings so that all the hot air is diffused. Evenly distribute heat from the heat concentration, and you can say goodbye to the frizziness of your hair with this diffuser.

If you want to maintain the curls in your hair without frizzing hair up, then this diffuser is convenient for that.

This hair dryer diffuser can fit onto hair dryers with nozzles ranging from 1.5 inches to about 2 inches. There is also a gradual slope that goes from the nozzle to the head of the machine.

9. BabylissPro Italian Series Diffuser-best curly hair blow dryer and diffuser

BaBylissPRO Italian Series Diffuser

This diffuser is from the Italian series by BaBylissPro. This diffuser is so great to use because it is a slide-on diffuser. The three infrared heat settings feature allows for you to be able to have easier access to using this. You also get two-speed settings.

Just as you would expect this to be, this diffuser provides for your hair to stay looking and be healthy and, of course, reduce frizz. It gives you that shiny hair.

You can add your wanted volume to your hair using the BaBylissPro diffuser. By sliding on this diffuser attachment to any hair dryer from the Turbo Ceramic Technology Hair Dryer to the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, you can dry out your hair while making sure your natural curls are not damaged and maintain the health of your natural hair texture. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is a great fit for this one.

It would be best to consider that this diffuser was specially made to fit the Portofino 6600 and the Volare V1 blow dryers. The new Nano Titanium technology makes this diffuser one of the more advanced ones.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get those bouncy curls on your hair and have it nice and soft, this diffuser will be sure not to disappoint you.

10. Harry Josh Pro Tools- Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser


Do you want to get that perfectly coily hair? Well, then, the Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser is what you should be looking for. This diffuser by Harry Josh comes with a finger extension design that is just unique. It can distribute the heat evenly to give you flawless and perfect curls in your hair.

With this blow dryer diffuser, you’ll get a finish on your hair, reduce frizz, and will make the heads turn towards you.

Since this diffuser was designed to work primarily with the Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000 by Harry Josh, you cannot attach it to other hair diffusers. However, if you happen to have the Pro Dryer 200, you’re all set! This diffuser works best with all types of curly hair that you can work with.

If you want your natural curls and the natural texture of your hair cuticles to be treated with care, then you should look into this Pro Dryer 2000 diffuser. Kiss all that frizzy hair goodbye!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. How to Diffuse Curly Hair?

You don’t need to be a professional hairstylist to diffuse your curly hair properly, and all you need are a few simple steps to follow.

  • Wash your hair and leave in conditioner
  • Dry hair properly
  • Prep your hair
  • Select the correct heat setting or air temperature
  • Make sure you work in sections
  • Diffuse your hair upside down
  • Put on a finishing product (hair moisturizer or oil)

Something else that helps is that if you get hair dryers for curly hair that are made for that purpose and check the diffuser hair dryer as well for better results.

2. How to Choose a Diffuser for Your Hair?

Based on the need, there are different types of diffusers for curly hair. Depending on the look you’re trying to go for, you might also need an additional diffuser.

 For example, if you’re going for shiny curls look for your hair, the best option would be to go with a hand-shaped diffuser. Then again, if you have wet hair or fine hair, you might have to check the diffuser hair dryer.

3. Cheap Vs. Expensive Flat Irons: Which One Provides Better Value?

The answer depends on the type of look you’re aiming for. If you’re someone who is okay with a regular touchup to get your hair straight, then a cheap flat iron would work perfectly for you.

However, if you want a makeover that looks professional-grade, you can do more with an expensive flat iron. Moreover, the expensive ones mostly come with a ceramic coated grill that boosts shine and allows the natural shine of your hair to come through. The expensive flat irons also have multiple heat settings that give you gorgeous curls. A ceramic dryer is also a great option, and with a round brush, your curls will look just gorgeous!

4. How Powerful Does a Hair Dryer Need to Be?

This is important to check when you are buying yourself a hair dryer. The advanced ionic technology shows the higher the wattage on your hair dryer, the faster and the hotter it will be when you’re drying hair. Generally, a wattage of 1800 to 1850 is recommended by hairstylists since it offers the quickest and most optimal results to dry hair.

Picking the Best Hair Dryers for Curly Hair Diffusers

Okay, now that we’ve gone through all of our selection and answered some of the most commonly asked questions, we need to answer one last. Which ionic technology should you go with to diffuse your curly hair? Negative ions treat your hair a lot better and the negative ions can help in preventing a lot of damage done to your curls.

All of the ten hair dryers and diffusers that we talked about today are fantastic products. However, keeping things such as pricing, usability, and versatility in mind, the Conair Volumizing Diffuser is our top choice in this case. In all of the hair dryers for curly hair diffusers that we saw, this one offers you all of the needed features, and that too at an excellent price.

Final Words

Your hair is essential. It signifies your beauty. This is why you must take good care of it as well. Curly hair is often overlooked and not treated with the proper respect that it deserves, and that’s why you must pick the best blow dryer for curly hair diffuser.

We hope this helped you understand that curly hair can also be taken care of just as well!

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