10 Best Blow Dryer Brush for Curly Hair for Every Hair Type

Why would you even need a blow dryer brush? You can always leave your hair to soak over time, right?

Sure, but that would waste a lot of your time, and then you’d have to style your hair. 

Here’s where a blow dryer brush comes in. These help you dry and style your hair at the same time, cutting down the required time by a great margin. 

Now, it’s daunting to pick the one product among thousands available on the market. We believe our review guide will help you pick the best blow dryer brush for curly hair. So, stick to this article till the end

10 Best Blow Dryer Brushes for Curly Hair

From brushes for damaged hair to ones for thick hair, we’ve covered all sorts of brushes for every hair in this section so you can find the right one for yourself for a salon quality styling flexibility at home.

1. Drybar The Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush-hair dryer brushes

Drybar The Double Shot Blow Dryer Brush-hair dryer brushes

Quick Summary
  • The Ionic technology helps seal hair cuticles, reducing frizz
  • Increases the shine of the hair
  • Three heat settings offer great customizability
  • Well-placed vents maximize airflow

If you have a long hair, then this one would be one of the best choices for you. The ionic technology of this hot brush helps you seal the hair cuticle, which dry hair reducing the frizz & enhancing shine of your hair.

It offers three heat settings that will allow you to fine-tune it to your hair type. Another positive thing about this is that it doesn’t heat up too much, and that’ll keep your hair healthy even after daily use.

For ensuring maximum airflow, these brushes come with vents placed strategically. The oval shape and curved edges let you have a lot of volumes and a smooth texture after you use these.

Despite the amazing hardware and ergonomic shape, this hair dryer brush isn’t heavy at all. The ergonomic handle makes it easier to grip and use, while the lightweight prevents your hand from getting exhausted. However, it’s not the best for short curly hair.

2. John Frieda hot air brush-short or thick hair

John Frieda hot air brush-short or thick hair

Quick Summary
  • Provides up to 50% more ions than a traditional hair dryer brushe
  • Making it easier to dry hair and increases the volume
  • Heats up instantly for fast application
  • Nylon bristles can detangle hair
  • Best for short or thick hair

John Frieda hot air brush is one of the most efficient hot air brushes out there. With the advanced ionic technology integrated into this, it can provide up to 50% more ions than a regular hair dryer brush.

Thus, you can expect a higher volume and easier drying experience. Along with that, it’ll leave your hair a lot shinier after use. One of the best features of this brush is that it heats up instantly. This can save you a lot of time.

The barrel of this air dryer brush is coated with Titanium ceramic. This allows the brush to provide a high level of heat from the very beginning, ensuring you can get your hair done evenly.

If you suffer from hair tangling, this can help you a lot. The nylon bristle on this can detangle your hair with ease. It features two heat settings that you can switch between. It’s great for long and thin hair, but we wouldn’t recommend it for short or thick hair.

3. Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer: best blow dryer brush for thick curly hair

Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Quick Summary
  • Best for detangling short and thick curly hair
  • Ceramic barrel provides smooth heat distribution
  • Three heat presets/three speed presets for versatile styling
  • Can be used daily with no damaged hair

To those who have thick or short curly hair and are facing some challenge detangling their hair, we highly recommend this hot brush from Bed Head blow dryer brush. Mixed pattern bristles with the brush head shape of this hot air brush make it easy to lift hair root and detangle the hair.

The main factor that makes it suitable for detangling hair is its oval shape. Other than that, the shape also helps in providing fuller and smoother hair. The black bristles are positioned strategically to help create volume too.

This comes with a barrel made of ceramic, and even then, it weighs only 1.2 pounds. The Tourmaline ceramic technology provides a smooth heat distribution that boosts shine to your hair.

You can switch the heating preset between three settings, and there are three-speed settings as well. The best part about this hair dryer is that it doesn’t damage your hair at all, despite offering so many styling features. You can use this daily.

4. JINRI® Hot Air Brush

JINRI® Hot Air Brush

Quick Summary
  • Best for curling short hair
  • 1 ¼ inch wide barrel is capable of providing more tighter curls in smaller length
  • Negative ion saturated airflow helps condition your hair
  • Reduces the static on your hair
  • 2 speed/ heat settings

Those with short hair struggle to make curls in their hair, as most brushes come with a stout barrel designed for longer hair types. However, this is where the JINRI® Hot Air Brush outshines the other picks.

This hair dryer brush and volumizer brush is designed with a thin barrel. The barrel of this dryer measures at 1 ¼ inch only, and this allows you to curl even short hair properly. Needless to say, the length of the curls will be very small as well.

The barrel of this hair dryer brush is made of tourmaline, and it comes equipped with ion technology. The airflow of this brush is saturated with negative ions using ion technology, and this helps condition your hair. You’ll have shinier and smoother hair after each use.

It also reduces the amount of frizz and static on your hair. The Tourmaline technology in this helps in spreading the heat evenly across the brush. With this, you won’t have to worry about heat damage.

5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

Quick Summary
  • Rotating brush head can dry, curl, and style hair
  • Calibrated airflow leaves hair with a smooth finish
  • Anti-static bristles reduce static and frizz
  • Has one nondetachable 2″ brush head
  • Designed to be used on almost dry hair

With this hot air brush that can dry your hair, curl, and style your hair at once. It is a bit advanced than most of the airbrushes out there. It has one nondetachable 2″ brush head.

What makes it a decent choice is that it comes at a comparatively lower cost, despite offering more features.

This nano titanium rotating hot air brush comes with a calibrated airflow. The flow of air is even across your hair, so you’ll get a smooth finish. This is equipped with ion technology.

It is equipped with anti-static bristles that can reduce static and ensure frizz free hair. This will also add shine to your hair.

You won’t get a good performance out of this if you use it on wet hair. You need to wait until your dry hair, or you might not style your hair properly. If a hair dryer brush for fine hair is what you need, then we highly recommend going for this one.

6. Hot Tools Professional 24k Gold Charcoal Infused Blowout Styler

Quick Summary
  • Takes little time for drying
  • Smoothflow bristles help style 2nd-day hair
  • Ergonomic design provides stress-free user experience
  • Three heat settings and two speed settings with rotating temperature control

Hot Tools Professional 24k Gold hot air brush is one of the fastest drying volumizers out there. This takes almost half styling time as most other dryer brushes with the help of the vent platform. The unique smoothflow flexible bristles on this are charcoal infused. This helps in providing a refreshing second day hair.

The gold styling surface doesn’t only look amazing, but it provides an even heating surface that can stylize your hair consistently, no matter what your hair types are.

If you love versatility, you’ll love this one. The hot tools styler offers three heat and two-speed settings that will let you style your hair according to your type of hair.

It features an ergonomic design that lets you use it without any stress. The 8 ft. swivel cord length makes it easy to handle, and it’s sturdy enough to last for years. There’s the patented H9 Variable Geometry oval design that lets you style your hair easily while increasing hair volume.

This hot air brush from hot tools is a great choice for getting polished strands faster than any other hair dryer brush.

7. GHD Rise hot round Brush

 GHD Rise hot round Brush

Quick Summary
  • Lifts your flat hair from root to tip for offering twice the volume
  • Adds fullness, shape, and bounce to hair
  • Recognizes each section of your hair to provide optimum temperature
  • 0.5cm nylon bristles provide close contact between brush and roots of hair

The GHD Rise hot round brush is one of the more expensive choices on this list. This is very expensive yet in our list of best hot air brush for it’s ability to offer a salon worthy blow at home. If you’re looking for a high-quality brush for your everyday life, then we highly recommend this one.

This round hot air brush is capable of lifting your flat hair from root to the tip, and this creates twice as much volume as any other brush out there. Plus, it also adds shape, fullness, and bounce to your hair.

These are equipped with unique ultra-zone technology that can recognize each section of your hair and can maintain optimum temperature to minimize hair damage.

This GHD hot air brush is equipped with 0.5cm nylon bristles that allow close contact between the brush and the roots of your hair. This lets you glide the brush across your hair smoothly for a tangle-free experience.

If you’re willing to create 2nd day or even 3rd-day styles, this will be a great choice for you. However, you can’t use this directly on wet hair.

8. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler-Paddle Brush

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Styler-Paddle Brush

Quick Summary
  • One of the most affordable hair dryer brushes out there
  • Strategically placed bristles to avoid tangling
  • Works on all sorts of hair
  • A Paddle brush work twice as fast as the round brushes

The Revlon One-Step hair dryer brush is one of the most famous dryers and stylers in the beauty industry right now. It’s famous mainly because of the low price it comes at. However, this paddle brush does offer a lot of benefits despite the low price.

Another convenient feature of this hair dryer brush is that it takes half the time to provide results. Plus, it can reduce the frizz of your hair to make it look even shinier.

The bristles on this brush are placed strategically to prevent tangling. So, no matter how much you want to curl your hair, it won’t get tangled, no matter whether your hair is wavy, frizzy, or super curly. The oval design can make your hair smooth. Plus, the edges are rounded to create volume. Plus, the edges are rounded to create volume.

These are paddle brushes, which means that they aren’t that great for styling. Still, these are a very good choice, especially given that they suit all sorts of hair and can work twice as fast as most other hair dryer brushes out there. To get your hair straight works more gentler than flat iron.

9. Amika Blowout Babe Interchangeable Thermal Brush

Amika Blowout Babe Interchangeable Thermal Brush

Quick Summary
  • Emits Infrared rays instead of blowing hot hair
  • Safer for your hair health than most other hair dryer brushes
  • Nylon bristles let you grip your hair properly
  • Thermal ceramic barrel ensures even heat distributions

The Amika Blowout Babe Thermal Brush is truly a unique brush. Unlike most other blow dryer brushes, this one doesn’t blow air onto your hair; rather, it emits far infrared heat to your dry hair.

As it doesn’t involve any hot air, it’s considered one of the healthiest among the blow dryer brushes. The infrared technology heats your cuticles from the inside out and ensures that your hair is heated evenly. This reduces the risk of any heat damage to a great degree.

The 0.5-inch nylon bristles on the brush head let you grip the hair properly, allowing you to get smooth hair. Irrespective of what your hair types are, you’ll be able to style your hair properly.

It also features a thermal ceramic barrel that takes the heat distribution to the next level, an ionic generator that contributes to making your hair shinier, and a nine-feet-long swivel cord length maximizes flexibility. The negative ion generator on this can be deactivated or activated as per need.

10. Revlon One-Step Hair dryer and Volumizer Hot Air brush

 Revlon One-Step Hair dryer and Volumizer Hot Air brush

Quick Summary
  • Equipped with advanced ionic technology eliminating frizz up to 30%
  • Three heat and speed settings to help add variety to styling
  • Designed to make your hair smoother and add volume
  • Nylon pin and tufted bristles will detangle your hair

This one from Revlon offers identical features to the previous one, but there are some key differences. Unlike the previous one, it offers an oval brush design with rounded edges that helps you style, dry, and volumize your hair at the same time. It’s very effective at drying.

The shape and design of this hot air brush help to make your hair smoother and create volume. Upon using this, you’ll find your hair fuller. The nylon pin and bristles will detangle your hair. Plus, these make it easier to control your hair while styling session.

It features three heat settings and speed settings that’ll let you add variety to your styling. The options are cool, low heat, and high heat settings to choose from. Thanks to the negative ions, these brushes will lead to 30% lesser frizz. It’s equipped with a non-detachable 6-ft. swivel cord.

The tip of this brush meets the temperature requirements, and it can also help you in styling your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How we pick the best hair dryer brushes?

One of the key factors one has to focus on while picking the best hair dryer brushes is the density of the bristles.

If the hair dryer brush comes with long bristles that are widely spaced, then it’ll be a great pick for styling thick and long hair.

On the other hand, a hair dryer brush with a shorter and a higher volume of bristles will be better for styling short hair.

How we pick the best hot air brushes?

You need to consider the barrel size of the hot air brushes for getting the right one for yourself.

The diameter of the barrel of the brush determines the degree of curl. While the thinner brushes will produce more curls, the thick ones will produce less.

If you want more lift and body, you should go for thick barrels, whereas good volume can be acquired with 2-inch barrels.

What’s the advantage of a hot air brush over a straightener or a curling iron?

Flat straighteners need to be operated at high temperatures, so using these can be detrimental. They don’t add any volume to your hair either; rather, some people experience after using them.

However, hot air brushes operate at a low temperature, so these can be used daily. Plus, using these adds volume to your hair, which is a great advantage.

Can you use a blow dryer brush on wet hair?

You can use a blow hairdryer on slightly damp hair but not on wet hair, hence it’s recommended to wait a bit before you do so.

Picking the Best Blow Dryer Brush for You

Finally, we’re down to the long-awaited part, where we declare the name of the best blow dryer brush for curly hair.

As usual, we researched heavily about the product as well as customer demands, and we found Drybar the Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush from DryBar to hold the maximum potential.

This product is packed with beneficial features like ion technology, well-placed vents, nylon and tufted bristles, and temperature settings. Still, what makes this truly special is that it works on most hair types.

That doesn’t mean the rest of the products are necessarily bad. They are catered towards different hair types and requirements, and we believe that you won’t regret going for any of the products listed here.

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