Everything You Need to Know About Curling iron sizes

Does it ever occur to you that the curler you’re using won’t curl your hair no matter how much you try? This is a rather common problem faced by many.

The reason why you might be facing this is using the wrong curling iron size. That’s right, the right curling iron size can save the day– helping you get those loose waves or curls.

It can be frustrating to be unable to get those Proper beach waves. That’s why you must look out for curling iron sizes when buying a curling iron. Hence, to help you out, we’re here to guide you in ways in which you can learn about the tips and tricks of a curling iron size.

To learn more about how you can figure out what curling iron size you need, keep reading the following article.

Is the Size of the Curling Iron Important?

Trying to get those perfect curls shouldn’t be that hard when you have a curling iron. However, some of us do face this problem more often than expected.

What many people don’t understand is that it’s merely a matter of size that can make so much difference. No matter the hair type, getting the perfect size curling iron will immediately solve this hassle.

Types of Curling Iron Sizes

Hair Curling Iron Size

There are many barrel sizes when it comes to a curling iron. Barrel size differs in terms of different hair lengths. When speaking about barrel size, we usually mean the dimensions.

Starting from smaller barrels to larger barrels, there’re curling iron sizes for every hair type. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • 3/8 inch curling iron

ne of the smallest-sized curling iron is the 3/8 inch curling iron. These are cute little curlers that are perfect for short hair lengths. This type of curling iron can get you tighter curls.

Not just tight curls but its small size add a little volume to those short hair. Blending your curl naturally, this curler can give you a sassy look.

  • 5/8 inch curling iron

If you’re looking for a curling iron that will give your short hair some bouncy curls then a 5/8 inch curling iron is the one for you.

Perfect for chin-length hair, this curler can curl a section in one go. Be it thin or thick hair, it’s going to give your hair an elegant touch.

  • 1/2 inch curling iron

For someone who has short hair and loves some beachy waves will love the 1/2 inch curling iron. This curling iron size never fails to add those voluminous curls. People with short hair, long hair, straight hair, and even chin-length hair can use this size to achieve that natural-looking curl.

In short, it’s possible to get defined curls for medium to long hair lengths. For someone who struggles to choose a curling iron size, this size is a great choice.

  • 3/4 inch curling iron

A 3/4 inch curling iron can be used on almost any hair length. This aspect makes this curling iron size flexible. Any person with shoulder-length hair or longer hair lengths can effortlessly pull off some loose curls through this curling iron size.

  • 1-inch curling iron

By far the 1-inch curling iron is one of the most versatile curling irons out there. With this curler, you can create spiral curls and super-tight curls on both short and long hair. You’ll also get the right amount of texture with a tighter curl.

  • 1 1/2 inch curling iron

The 1 1/2 inch curling irons work best for people who have shoulder-length hair or longer. This curling iron size works amazingly when it comes down to creating volume or longer locks.

  • 2-inch curling iron

Last but not least, the 2-inch curling iron is the largest barrel curling iron. If you’re fond of slight curls or beachy waves on fine hair then this is the one for you. This curler works best for people who have long hair.

How to Choose Curling Iron Size

Hair Curling Iron Size 02

Choosing the right barrel curling iron size may seem a bit overwhelming, especially for first-timers. There’s a simple rule that you should keep in mind when going to buy a curling iron. Simply remember, the smaller the size of the curling iron the tighter curls it gets you.

That means curlers with longer lengths will get you more wavy and loose curls. So, if you’re a person that’s fond of tight curls, then go for small-sized curling irons. And if you prefer a loose wave or bigger curls then the large-sized curling irons should be your priority.

  • Curling Iron Sizes for Different Hair Lengths

The size of an iron curler won’t make too much difference if you’re not careful about the hair length you have. Getting just any size for curling your hair isn’t going to give you results. So, it’s important to match the size according to the hair length for better results.

Usually, it’s expected to get lesser types of hairstyles out of short-length hair. However, that’s not true at all. In fact, with the right curling iron size or wand, anyone with short-length hair can pull off any sort of style. Staring from wavy to tight wavy curls, it’s all possible. Sizes like ¾”,½”, ⅜”, ⅝” are mostly suitable for short length types. This range is mostly preferred for people with short-length hair.

Again, for people with long hair, the preferred sizes are from 1.25”,1.5” to 1.75”, 2”. Large barrel sizes are usually used for achieving voluminous loose or beachy waves. If you’re going for some very loose wave and have long hair, then this range of sizes you best.

Tips to Remember When Using Curling Irons

To get maximum results there are tips and tricks you can remember while using the curling iron. Like-

  • If you want your curls to be more wavy and voluminous go for a larger size curling iron.
  • If you feel like having tighter curls is your go-to style then aim for smaller barrel sizes of curling irons.
  • If you have silky smooth hair and the curls don’t last long then opt for smaller size curling irons.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best size curling iron?

There is 3 type of sizes– titanium, tourmaline, and ceramic. These mainly indicate large, small, and medium-sized curlers. Titanium is best suited for long hair, whereas tourmaline works well on thick hair and fights frizz. The ceramic curls the hair evenly and gives a fine texture. The best type would be the one that works on all three types of hair.

2. What size curling iron should I use for shoulder-length hair?

Normally, for thin, shoulder-length, and medium-length hair a 5/8 inch curler is a great choice. This size is perfect for getting springy and spiral curls. The 3/5-inch curler is better for thick hair types with a shoulder length.

3. What size curling iron is best for beach waves?

To get beachy waves, a bigger barrel size like a 1-1/2 inch works best in helping you get those bouncy curls. This can work on both straight hair and curly hair. However, in the case of short hair, it’s better to go for a shorter-sized curling iron.

4. What size curling wand is best for thin hair?

Usually, for people with thin hair, it’s a risk to use a curling iron. So, it’s important to stay cautious and get a wand that won’t cause much harm. As fine hair length is mostly on the shorter side, it’s ideal to stick with curling iron no longer than 1 inch.

Final Words

Pulling off a satisfactory hairstyle isn’t possible without the tools. And to achieve perfection, it’s essentially important to be more careful about the tools. Getting the right curling iron sizes to fall into this category.

Without the right curling iron the possibilities of damage increase. Not to mention, you don’t even get your desired results and end up getting a sloppy look. Hence, follow this guideline to choosing the perfect curling iron size for your hair.

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